Rifle, legendary (5000 gp)

Tyranny was created by Elathar Konowa before he forgot his memory. A sleek futuristic design, the rifle uses the energy of elemental crystals to fire at great distances.

1d10 piercing, 1d10 fire
Ammo (100/200), misfire 1, reload (5), two handed

Elemental Crystal

The rifle holds a single crystal imbued with the power of either fire. A spell caster must imbue the crystal before the rifle can be of use (lvl 3 fireball)


The overcharge feature adds an extra d10 fire damage on a hit, to a maximum of 5d10. Bonus action to activate feature. Each Overcharge increases the likelyhood of Misfire by 10% to a maximum of 60%. Betweem 30-60% if a Misfire happens the user takes 5d10 fire damage and the gun breaks.


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