The Cobblers

Session 41: Diplomacy

The battlefield is littered with dead bodies orc and human alike. General Veronika Stormcloak orders soldiers to tend to the wounded, Then she turns to you along with the tieflings and ask you all to follow you.

As you walk through the main road of the city you can hear disturbing moans of agony coming from a large marketplace converted into a emergency triage. You see soldiers, men and women, bandaged up or missing limbs. A cleric runs past you, their gown covered in blood.  As you take in this horrific scene, you slowly find yourselves being surrounded on all sides by a dozen armored soldiers, then 2 dozen, 3 dozen.

“Merely for your protection” says the General. “From who,” ask Leana. “Against us.” Says one of the masked tieflings.

Climbing a guarded road to the top of a hill is Lady Natalia’s manor, a large two story structure of wood and stone. There are soldiers all around, each carrying heavy crossbows and short swords, some with pikes. But not as many as you think their should be, what there is a lot of though are statues of winged, female humanoids each covering their face as if they are weeping. You all get an omminous feeling about them as General Veronika says, “don’t worry, they’re just stone.”

After securing your wagon and horses, the General leads you all inside to what looks to be a living room converted into a war room, with a large oak table in the center and a map of the continent with several figurines strewn about. A young girl many not more than 10 is sitting at one end, flanked by two familiar faces, the half elf Alcoril and the now Lieutenant Commander Thomas.

The young girl stands from her seat, “General, a report?”

“Severe losses, my lady and the east gate is destroyed, but I will give you an accurate count by evening. For now…” as she turns to all of you, the teiflings make their way forward and take a knee.

“Lady Natalia. Gacot has fallen to the orcs. We manage to rescued some villagers, but not nerely enough. We come to pledge our servitude yet again as we did for your father—”
Lady Natalia raises a hand, "stop. Firstly, we thank you for your information regarding, Gacot. Secondly, we do not need your service. You may leave. Immediately. Soldiers. See these “demons” out of the city?"
One of the teiflings immediately stands up, “demons?! How dare you!”
“No, how dare you! You ought to know the laws of this land better than anyone else. No teifling is allowed within Grizmont. If any are, the punishment is a swift death. It is only by my kindness that your head is still upon your shoulders. Now, leave at once. Soldiers!”
“We can see ourselves out!”
“Im sure you can, but I much prefer my soldiers to help you on your way.”

The tieflings are quickly escorted out of the manor as Lady Natalia turns her attention to you.

“Now then… who might you be?”

The General answers on your behalf. “According to my brother they were instrumental in qwelling some cultist near Myant.”

“And they protected the leaders of Brapool against a coup attemp.” Alcoril adds.

“Impressive, Cobblers. So what news do you bring?” You show her the letter from Donovan and she gives you the standing number of soldiers in the human army: 7500… before the attack on the city.

Lieutenant Commander Tomas suggest that The Cobblers go to Gäcot to scout the area and see if the tieflings words are true. Lady Natalia agrees to these plans and sends them off.

As you leave the manor, General Stormcloak explains the issue with Lady Natalia and tieflings. “She witnessed her parents being killed by tieflings in her own home. It was an extremely tramatic experience. The city mourned for a week and afterwards, she was quickly installed as the new Countess of Grizmont. Her first order of business was to outlaw any and all tieflings from the city. It was a messy time. But even after all these years, those tieflings still show fealty.”

“But why does Lady Natalia look like a child?”
“Some say she was cursed by the tieflings. I dont believe it. They wouldnt do that.”

At this time the party splits with Leana, Konowa, and Lemure going to visit a black powder merchant by the name of Borgal Deepdelve. They meet the dwarf and he leads them down into his mine/home. Leana learns that her sister Christya was here, but left with her father and brother.

The negotiations for black power go bad as Konowa shows off his rifle and gets the group arrested.

At the same time Kie Pear, Kerjidt, and Raldo find the that the tieflings from earlier have made camp outside the city. The tieflings tell them that Gacot has fallen to orcs and they are sacrificing towns people to a giant glowing rock. They also learn about a teleportation circle outside of the town that was previously dormant. The tieflings ask if they could join them in their enclave. The cobblers agree and say that will meet them further into the forest the next day.

As Kie-Pear, Kerjidt, and Raldo return to the city, they find out what has happen to the other half of the group. Plans are made with General Stormcloak about their prisoned party members as well as aquiring enough funds to buy some black powder.

At the Dame and Knackle the party meets Nellas parents as they are performing. Nella is throughly embarrased by them.

The next day provision are bought… 3 crates of black powder (2 of which are given to the war effort), 500,000 ball bearing and nails, and some armor for Lemure. The Cobblers then meet up with the tieflings and after a 3 day journey make it to the monk enclave. There they meet the Kage Aku, the master of the Monks of the Vale as well as someone from Kie-Pears past… a red skinned tiefling named Zaigoria.



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