The Cobblers

Session 40: To Grizmont

As the group make their preparations to leave for Grizmont. Lord Donovan gives the group two enchanted mirrors to be given to Lady Natalia and the leader of the Dwarven Army. Donovan also re writes the letter signifying The Cobblers status as emissaries.

Leaving Brapool for Grizmont, the group encounters Lady Balineth along with her druid followers making a river that cuts through the land. She explains it was one of the things requested by Lady Natalia. The group also meets up with Captain John Luc Picard of the Sovereign. His boat now outfitted for war and carrying soldiers. He tells them Grizmont is a few days journey northward.

As the group approach Grizmont the come to find it under attack by blue skinned orcs and orcs covered with explosive sores. They also see 3 covered wagons being attacked but guarded by 3 tiefling monks.

The battle is destructive as the eastern entrance is destroyed, but the soldiers of Grizmont prevail and push back the orcs into the forest.

After the fight, the group meets with one General Veronika Stormcloak the sister of Myant’s Commander Vurst Stormcloak. She immediately recognizes The Cobblers from letters received by her brother. The 3 tieflings also approach the group and announce, “Gacot has fallen to the orcs.”



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