Tiefling Barbarian


fH0LiHX.jpgThe Story of Phelaia

Phelaia’s mother was a beautiful tiefling who had almost no physical similarities to most of her kind, save for her twiglike tail, in a small settlement in the low canyons, and secretly was ashamed to have tiefling blood. Feeling superior and tired of associating herself with them, she fled. Finding a small town, she met and fell in love with a human and managed to convince him through the use of perfectly executed spells and deception, that she was human as well. Soon after, they cohabited and were happy for a while. Unfortunately, her shame materialized with the birth of their daughter, Phelaia – a horned, orange-eyed, purple-skinned tiefling with shimmering silver hair. At the sight of this creature the man was disgusted to call his child, he flew into a rage against Phelaia’s mother and left her. Too embarrassed to return to the canyons, she stayed in the house with Phelaia, and raised her, but could not love her.

While her mother successfully stole and conned wandering travelers for food, money, and items, Phelaia learned to adjust to not only the cold treatment from her mother, but the entire community as well. Fortunately, the town had their own share of embarrassing street humanoid creature children as well and Phelaia became close to the half-dwarf siblings, Bogrol and Karrha, and it was during the nights they would play together. She felt the love for and from them that her mother could never provide, and as the years passed, grew very protective of them. On occasion, night gangs would approach and taunt them, only to feel the wrath of the rage Phelaia had little control over when provoked enough. If they wanted to avoid violence and endure the mockery, the siblings would advise Phelaia to wear the only thing valuable her mother had ever given her, a mask created from alabaster. With this on, her nerves and mind would calm significantly.

On an unfortunate night, as Phelaia and the siblings were practicing throwing their hand axes in a dark alley, they become aware of the number of shadows surrounding them. A face appears, and it belongs to her mother. “Go with this group,“ she says, and as she talks, Phelaia slowly sees the emerging faces of not just other tieflings, but elves, dwarves, and humanoids, just like her. “Come with us. This is no place for a lone tiefling. With us you are accepted and we will keep you safe. Here, in your very own town of birth, you are an outcast, and your life is always at risk.” Phelaia asks her mother what this all means, to which her mother explains that she can no longer provide for them both as her reputation as a con has began to precede her. Phelaia explains that these wanderers were on their way to a destination to which they would pass her original tiefling dwelling in the canyons.

After much objection, Phelaia was left with no choice but to accompany the group. She manages to convince the siblings to stay. She left them in the alley to return to her home and pack the few clothes and objects of importance to her, and returns to the alley. Her mother never accepted her, but maybe the other tieflings would, she thought to herself. Phelaia says goodbye to her mother and the siblings and follows the group, traveling through the dark alleys of the town towards the outskirts where they traverse in the shadows of the surrounding dying forest.

During their travel, the different races talk to each other in a language unfamiliar to the wary Phelaia. In common tongue, they occasionally tell her to keep up with their pace. After hours of walking, they decide to make camp. After a few hours, seemingly in the thick of the forest, they approach a tall and strong waterfall which hides a cave behind its dropping stream. They retreat to the cave facing the long and winding river and make camp during the day. All fall asleep. A few hours before dusk, Phelaia is awaked by the sound of creaking wheels turning slowly. Soon afterwards, other start waking up to the same sound, and as they sit up, they prepare to draw their weapons. Some of them make their way towards the mouth of the cave and appear to welcome the incoming group who seemed to be hauling a cage on wheels. The new group of five consisted of five different races, and as they entered the cave, Phelaia was finally able to see that in the cage were Bogrol and Karrha, bound by thick chains and gagged with dirty cloth. The strangers had asked the group if they knew who they were, and upon hearing this, Phelaia cries out “They are my friends! Let them out!” At once, everybody looks at her and speaks in their strange dialect as they approach her, and before she can think of the next step, she feels the adrenaline filling herself, rushing her to free her friends from the cage.

However, before she reaches the siblings, the others try to battle her, and she can hear one slip from one of the tieflings say, “You aren’t worth what we paid.” Her rage engulfs her senses as she attacks them one by one, but their numbers are too great. She lures them all back into the cage, and leaps as high as she can over them, and with all her might, lunges into the cart. It breaks open just enough for her to grab the siblings and pull them slightly out of the cart. Before she knows it a bolt of what seems to be magic hits the side of her head as she tries to pull them out, and she loses her balance, falling over the edge of the cliff towards the angry rapids belows. Before she completely blacks out, the last image of her friends was one of Bogrol being pierced by a javelin, and the other squealing out her brother’s name as loud as she could despite the blood-splattered cloth around her mouth.

Phelaia is currently married to Prince Tarkeen Al-Mammoun and with child.


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