Leana Thunderstone

Dwarf Rogue


Background: Criminal
Class: Rogue
Alignment: Neutral

(An ongoing journal)

Dear Diary,
What are we going to do now? Mom and dad were arguing with Chief Ironbeard and he kicked us out. What is life like outside of a mine? Will I make any friends? Will I have to share a room with Christya, Janelle, and Kittya? We’ll be so cramped! At least Azmol only has to share with the twins. Ugh! This’ll be the worst.

Dear Diary,
I’m so mad at Furgis. That’s right, I’m not even calling him dad right now, that’s how mad I am. He spends all his time in his shop and won’t even craft me a good hammer. Well if he doesn’t want me wielding a good dwarven weapon then I’ll learn how to shoot a bow from the elf boy next door. Oooooh, that’ll make dad… I mean, Furgis, so mad. Hahaha.

Dear Diary,
I’m writing this on the run. I came home last night with Oriel from the forest after hunting rabbits and everyone was gone. Oriel’s parents told me that some men overpowered mom and dad. They took everyone to be sold as slaves. Even if I don’t like them all the time, they are still my family and I need to get them back.

Dear Diary,
That was dumb. I’m so lucky I wasn’t killed. Sneaking into a guy’s room with a dagger and demanding him to free my family doesn’t work. But at least he made a deal with me… after calling me cute. Ugh. But how in the heavens am I supposed to get 13,000 gold?! 5,000 plus 1,000 per person. Well, I guess I could leave Christya to work in that mine but mom would be so mad at me. Sigh. Let’s see how well I’ll do at begging. At least Oriel decided to leave home and come with me.

Dear Diary,
Oriel and I got hired for a job!!!! It’s so funny, I was trying to steal this guy’s coin pouch and then he caught me. I thought I was dead but instead of turning me in, he offered me a job! Oriel and I just need to steal some rod or something from a museum. Easy-peasy!

Dear Diary,
Oriel got us into an actual crew! It was fun robbing people, just the two of us but now we’ll be able to score bigger. Plus it’ll be like having a bunch of big brothers. And the leader of the crew is super nice. Well, I’ve never met a mean Halfling anyway. Roscoe Tosscobble. Funny last name but not much worse than Thunderstone. I hate that name. In the future I’m just going to go by my first name. Maybe I’ll take Oriel’s last name… blush. Ignore that, diary…

Dear Diary,
I’m getting pretty tired of these guys picking on me. Yes. I know I’m a girl. Yes. I know I’m a dwarf. Yes!! Dwarves can be sneaky too. No. It’s not my “time of month”. Ugh. When will the teasing end? Haven’t I proved myself to them yet? I’m just as good as any of them. Well, not Roscoe. But that’s why he’s the leader. He’s also the only one who doesn’t degrade me. He actually tells the other guys to shut up occasionally. If it weren’t for him and Oriel I don’t know what I’d do. Any way I better get some rest before tomorrow’s job. It’s going to be a dangerous one. I can’t let the guys know I’m scared.

Dear Diary,
…. I. I. Jimmy. He got caught. I saw him. They hung him. The job got done. That’s all that the other guys care about. I can’t let them see me cry. Jimmy annoyed me but that doesn’t mean he deserved to get killed. Roscoe is going to say a few words in memory of Jimmy and then it’s off to the next town.

Dear Diary,
I made my first solo kill today. I was 100 feet away and got him right in the eye. Roscoe was very impressed. The other guys are acting like it’s no big deal but Oriel overheard them talking about how they’ve never seen such a good shot. Now I’ve proven myself as an assassin. Roscoe is going to send me out on some more solo missions. I mean the targets we kill are pretty bad people and all. I know mom wouldn’t be happy with what I’m doing but I have to keep going. I’ve almost saved enough gold.

Dear Diary,
That was a great party! I out drank Lenny and Doran. They are going to be so mad about that when the wake up tomorrow. It was so nice of Roscoe to throw a party for me before I leave. He’s losing two of his best crewmembers tomorrow. I finally have enough money to save my family, plus some in order for us to start up a new life. Oriel is coming with me. He hasn’t left my side the last couple years and he’s not going anywhere now. Surely dad won’t be too against me marrying an elf. If not, then we’ll just run away together. Ah, but I’m getting ahead of myself. I’m really scared. What if I get to that mine and the owner doesn’t stick to our deal? Or even worse, what if my family is dead? Well, no reason worrying about it if I can’t fix it. I’d probably just come back to Roscoe’s crew if that was the case any way. At least I’d have one family.

Dear Diary,
What have I done to deserve this? Why? Why would Roscoe do such a thing? Why would Oriel, after so many years together? We headed out in the morning. Not an hour into our journey and we were ambushed. No. I was ambushed. By Roscoe’s crew. By my family. Oriel knew. Oriel helped them. Oriel made sure they took every little possession I had. Only Roscoe’s…kindness…left me a few silver coins. I need to… I don’t know what to do now. I barely have enough money for a bed for the night. I need a new bow and arrows. Then…back to the beginning. Find my own jobs. Trust no one. Not even… family.

Dear Diary,
That job wasn’t worth it. Sure Leana, that guy wearing a hood in the corner of a tavern seems totally legitimate. The job he’s offering won’t crush your soul and make you wish you were dead.
Damn past Leana you were dumb. I don’t even know why he wanted this silly block. It’s small and doesn’t weigh anything. I don’t even know what it’s made of. Well, he’s not getting it. I’m keeping it. This was the first job I failed and I want to remember just how far I’m willing to go in order to save my family. It’s hard to remember their faces now. All I can see is that stupid kid’s face. The tears in his eyes after I shot what must have been his grandfather. Those few shuddering words he spoke, “Please. Don’t. Sissy needs her medicine”. I was supposed to kill the old man and the boy but I hesitated. And then those tears stopped me. I may have killed many men but never a boy. Never a kid. Damn it. I hope that boy’s sister is okay.

Dear Diary,
There is no longer time to think twice about anything. It’s easier to shoot and not ask questions. Don’t think. Just do.
I heard there’s a king who is offering a reward to end some threat. It’s not my typical job but it should pay well.

Dear Diary,
I’ve teamed up with a new crew called The Cobblers. They’re a strange folk and seem obsessed with shoes. I’m not too sure about this Nanisir guy and his odd interest with sheep. We’re supposed to deal with some sorcerer and frog things I guess. I just need someone to point and I’ll shoot. It’s been a few months since I ran with a crew, it feels nice to be working with people but it is hard not knowing their motives. Luckily this job is sponsored by a king so it should pay well. Just need to watch my back.

Dear Diary,
Giant crocodile – no problem. Creepy dead moving bodies – gross but simple to deal with (or let the crazy tiefling girl deal with it). Night Hag Hagmar – scared her off with an arrow. Giant blue frog creature – scary. That frog, Slaadi I think Kie Pear called it, was intense. I’m not used to so much resistance when I kill. The dragonborn monk lady, Bella, almost died because she got too close. Lucky for the crew I was there or else they’d be dead. Again, kind of freaked out by these Cobblers. They are now carrying a dead crocodile and a frog leg in order to make shoes.
I’m so relieved that Bella lived. We took her to some big tree with weird healing powers and slept. More importantly we got paid in cold hard gold for risking our lives for this place. I came here with 15 gold and now have more than a thousand. It looks like if I stay with these Cobbler people I might make back my money in no time.

Dear Diary,
I guess these Cobblers are actually working for a Governor in Myant so we teleported there to waaaaaay too much celebration for my taste. And now I have a house. I haven’t had a real home for years. I’ve been living on the road and renting rooms at inns for so long. It pains me that a mansion has been thrown at me while my family, if alive, are in slavery and being mistreated. I could sell a quarter of the furnishings and make a fortune. None of my companions are worried about this or even care about the servants and all of this is just a waste. We don’t need any of this. It seems that we’re basically slaves to the governor. He gives us pretty things to pacify us while we do his dirty work.
After appraising a few items in what I’ve claimed as my room I decided to go looking for some items to stock up on. I can’t even remember everywhere I’ve stolen from so I need to disguise myself, dye my hair, and if we’re going to get into more battles maybe some poison would be useful. But of course to get these things I have to meet up with some shady guy in an inn who grossly overcharges. Sigh. I’d heard Kie Pie talking about some shop with magical items and wanted to check it out. There’s a beautiful cloak that would help me hide unfortunately Kie Pie has it reserved for him but I heard Nanisir has one too. Might as well get this blue cloak that’s supposed to keep me from getting hit.

Dear Diary,
Hahaha! That Ninny! He’s so gullible. I got Nanisir to trade cloaks and believe that mine was more expensive so he’s paying me the difference. Score!!
And of course this night of luxury comes to an end when we have to escort some prisoner to a prison in a desert. He says he’s the rightful prince of this city but who knows. It’s not my place to make decisions. If it were up to me, I’d let him go free but then I wouldn’t get paid.
Pheleia is getting hung up over this guy from the desert, Tea kettle or something. Really, can she think of nothing else right now? She already has one guy who’s into her but all he does is drive the cart. At least this Tea kettle guy should help lead us to the prison as long as we kill some beast.

Dear Diary,
It would have been easier to kill that Bulette if tea kettle hadn’t made it hard to see. He was the only one who got hurt. I would have loved if he’d died. It would have served him right for owning slaves and sacrificing their lives to this beast. He figures just because you put a title on someone they stop having value as a person. Despicable.
But I guess it’s just as well that I didn’t kill him since he turns out to be a prince. Which is useful after dropping off the fake (?) prince and finding a note he left. I tried using the gold scarab to find prince tea kettle and despite my companions doubting my every word I got us to this “Jewel of the Desert” city. Ugh! No faith with these people. Though of course moments after entering this city of wealth I instantly despise it as they keep people in pens as slaves and waste their wealth by showing it off instead of making life better for their people.
And of course! The rich are having a feast while there are poor and hungry. And it’s all because Prince Tea kettle has to prove his worth. Which I guess we helped him with because he had to kill 3 beasts and he would have died with the bulette without us. Why does that even count if he couldn’t do it himself? And now he’s going to want us to help him with some dungeon. Then he’s going to take the one Cobbler I really like away. He’s going to marry Pheleia even though his dad doesn’t like that she’s a tiefling. Pshhh. She may have an infernal bloodline but at least she doesn’t keep people pinned up and use them as tools. She’s better than these people. Hopefully she sees that and leaves Prince Tea Kettle to find another “ya Kamar”. What even does that mean?! PShh! Learn Common. For all I know Prince Tea Kettle could be calling her concubine, room, soul, or table.

Dear Diary!!!
OH. MY. MORADIN. Heaven’s hammer. Oh my gods. My. …my…. I was … Janelle. It’s been so long. I didn’t know. She’d been taken here. I found my sister. The rest may not be where I’d thought. It’ll be harder to find them now. But first I have to free Janelle. She is “owned” by the Sultan Manamana (or something). Pheleia is going to have Prince Tea Kettle Prince Tarkeen (might as well be respectful since he’s going to help) talk to his father after the dungeon. I must make sure he survives!
Janelle said that Olan Halftrick, a Halfling, who runs Slavers Bay should know something about the rest of my family. As soon as possible that half-pint is going to help me whether he likes it or not.
Though not everything is happy. It seems that Oriel, my friend who taught me archery and was the only reason I was not also kidnapped, betrayed me more times than I knew. He is the one who sold off my family. Why would he do that? To me!? We were friends! I cared for him so deeply that it hurt. And then he kept me safe only to beat me and rob me when it seemed like I’d finally save the family he took away from me. What did I do to him that he wants me to suffer so? What has my family done to him? How did he deceive me for years and make me trust that he wanted to help me? And the worst part of this isn’t that I’ve been fooled so many times by the same person. It’s that if I ever meet Oriel again I don’t think I’d even want to kill him. I’d just want to know why. Damn stupid love!!

Dear Diary,
I’ve been writing so much more now that I’ve joined with these cobblers than I had before. So much is happening now. It scares me. Not that I could tell the others. They look at me as a child with few skills and fewer brains. But Phaleia is going to marry Prince Teakettle who is less capable than me. At least he’s pretty, for a human.
Today was the day in which we help the prince with his trials. Even though they were fairly simple, Prince Teakettle would have failed without us. Moradin! I’d make a better Sultan than this guy. He couldn’t figure out simple riddles or even how to open a door. Though honestly, we wouldn’t have been able to pass one room if it had not been for a woman with fiery red hair who was skilled with musical instruments. I don’t know why exactly but now she’s hanging out with us. She’s nice enough and I guess having another girl among all the men will be good. It’s odd for me though considering I’ve spent so much time being the only girl in a group of rowdy men.
Anyway, I guess Prince Teakettle’s brother wanted him dead. I don’t know how that’d of helped him. I don’t really care. Eh. The important thing is that the sultan said he’d free Janelle and get information from the slaver.

Dear Diary,
Last night was Phaleia’s wedding to Prince Teakettle. It was beautiful and we got Pear Pie to relax a little and drink. It was great. But there was a lot of noise at night and flickering candles. Really awkward. I don’t want to think about what was happening.
But now this morning we heard that there are riots in Myant and we must travel back to fix this. No more relaxing in a palace. This is yet another obstacle to overcome before being able to find the rest of my family. At least I have leads as to where most of them are now. I just need the location of Daelya mom, and the twins; Bori and Thori. I hope they’re together, they were always to close to mom.

Dear Diary,
Ugh! Kerjidt is so condescending. I hadn’t noticed it that much but once we reached Myant he didn’t want to listen to anything I had to say and was annoyed at my very presence. I don’t want to listen to him either but I guess he has this idea in his head that he’s the leader of us. I liked when Pear Pie took lead. He’s nicer.
I’m just happy our house is still standing. There’s been rioting for weeks because some cult informed the people that the prince of this city is still alive and the governor was behind it all. So now of course we have to put things right. Hey, we never got paid for putting the prince in Blackwell prison. Pear Pie talked to the governor and I guess the king and queen were dealing with drow and he thought that they were being controlled so he killed them and hid their son in a prison. Kerjidt and Pear Pie think the cult is after some magical artifacts that the Zarafels had and are missing now. Kerjidt gave me a task to go find rioters and listen for who speaks and stands out. He was so specific as if I couldn’t do this simple task. Not only did I find a guy who was rallying people, I tracked him, interrogated him, got information, and disposed of him. Not that hard. Sheesh. I guess some drow named Madame Elron wants to perform a ritual to summon a spider queen and is using a rod to command people. Because I did a “good job”, I humored Kerjidt by allowing him to give me two gold stars. It’s like I’m a kid in his eyes. These are paper with a sticky back. I asked for GOLD stars not yellow paper. I have no use for these. Whatever. I guess we’re going back to Blackwell to make sure the prince is safe. Kerjidt didn’t like my idea of just spilling all his blood so it couldn’t be used in a ritual. No imagination.

Dear Diary,
Today was…interesting. Leaving Ketchup and Ninny at the mansion, we went to investigate the castle in the forest. You know what else was in the forest? Some jerk-faces who are rude and not willing to talk before killing Nutella, knocking out Phalaeia, and making Pear Pie run away. They didn’t hurt me too much but I’m not completely dumb; I know when it’s a hopeless case. At least it gave me a chance to check out the castle.
Madame Elron is quite a pleasant drow. She realized my obvious skills and wanted to work together. She offered everything I needed in order to save my family. How could I turn that down? I’d given up my morals long ago and I have no loyalty to these people. I gave as much information as I could to help my new employer. I told her about Al-Manamana, Blackwell Prison, the prince and our note, and information about my…companions. For some reason, she raised Nutella from the dead.
Madame Elron didn’t believe in my loyalty I guess since she used her rod to charm me, which didn’t really matter. We loaded up most of her followers and set off to take back the prince so that she can sacrifice him and take his place as leader while summoning Lloth. Fun times.

Dear Diary,
What have I done? We have the prince and are heading back to the castle. While sitting in a wagon for 3 days, there’s not much to do. I started fiddling with the old white, weightless block. The last time I took a job out of desperation I almost killed a kid not too much younger than myself. And now this time I’ve sold out my companions and risked the lives of a city or more because there’s a chance this drow might stick to her word and give me the means to save my family. Moradin! Help me! I don’t know why I’m having regrets. I’m a fierce assassin and can take out any target. I would have been fine in that forest if my companions hadn’t held me back. I’m better by myself. Hidden. Unseen. Unnoticed. Alone.
Damn it! I told myself I wouldn’t get attached to anyone again. Not after the last betrayal. But I can’t help it. These people don’t deserve to have me here with them, ruining their lives. Phaeleia just got married, Nella is so innocent and pure and wants the best for people, Kie Pier is just trying to do the best he can for others, Kerjidt has troubles from his past he’s trying to right, and Nanisir is paying the price for a deal he made long ago; not too dissimilar from me. They don’t deserve my betrayal. If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t have found Janelle or leads for most of my family. So what if this drow could provide what I need to get my family back! This is just another elf who’d betray me. No more!
Tomorrow I’m going to plan with Phaeleia and Nella to figure out how to escape and foil the ritual. Moradin be with me.

Dear Diary,
So, I didn’t plan much with Phelaia and Nella about escaping. I did confide in Phelaia, finally, about some of my past. Told her about my recent regret, being part of a crew, Oriel’s existence in my life (friend, guy I like, betrayer and thief), and my last job before I met her. I don’t know how I feel about telling her this but I think I can trust her. I know at least that I can’t betray her.
Luckily, she had her magic sending stone and was able to contact Prince Teakettle and request his help. Which came quickly and involved arrows being shot into our wagon and hurting Phelaia and Nutella. We ran to the back wagon and looted weapons and found that not only were men from Al-Manamana attacking the cult but Pear Pie and Ketchup were leading soldiers from Myant. So really, we just focused on Madame Elron who became Madame Big ass spider. I was pretty pathetic in the fight after successfully hitting her once. But she was no match for all of us. We recovered the stolen relics, and the prince. And now heading to Al-Manamana for whatever reason.

As always, Dear Diary,
With everything that’s happened recently I’ve been thinking of Oriel more and more. It’s not like he’s ever far from my mind. With all I’ve learned of him and of myself. Somehow, I’m able to turn away from bad decisions I’ve made and I’ve been accepted. Maybe, just maybe, Oriel could do the same. If I just knew why he did what he has then I could help him. Unless it was out of pure hatred, there had to be a reason. I can’t get the image of him out of my mind and I wish I could see him again. He was my best friend. We were through so much together. He left his family to help mine. I know now that he’s the reason I lost my family but that doesn’t change the memories. I can only think about him comforting me when I was scared, sticking up for me while the other guys picked on me, giving me tips about archery. His kind eyes and calm smile were a constant companion throughout the years. I know if I told my new companions all about this they would tell me I’m dumb, better off without him, and that I shouldn’t give him another chance but they gave me a new chance without even knowing me. How could I not do the same for him?

Ummm. So, yeah. Bumped into Lenny today. Really weird seeing him. Didn’t expect this. I very nearly killed him in the street then and there. But my desire to know where Oriel is was greater than my desire to kill Lenny.
I think it’s time to tell another of my companions about aspects of my past. If Pear Pie knows then he can come with me to the brothel to meet with Lenny and help if it’s a trap. I think Ketchup is coming too.
Hi there,
Yeah, I don’t know how I got myself into this. I met Lenny at the brothel. Interrupted him. But seriously!? He asked to meet here, why would he… Ugh whatever. He told me about the crew splitting soon after I left. I knew I was the best one holding them together! Roscoe sold Oriel into slavery through a Halfling slaver. I wonder if that was Olan Halftrick as well. Man that guy gets around but it would be kinda poetic. And then they all went their ways. Supposedly Lenny didn’t join in the betrayal of me but I can’t remember. But now he has a job for me. If I get out of this, I’m also going to steal his coin purse. Like, seriously dude, you’re just going to jingle a purse holding more than a thousand gold and expect to keep it? Wow.
So, infiltrate this abandoned house in the rich area. Loot it. Skedaddle. That’d be great but it’s a seriously weird place. Everything is covered in dust. There’s moldy food on the table like someone left quickly. There’s some picture of an old guy, middle aged guy, and a boy. There’s a room that just holds 6 pedestals with trinkets and 3 banners. Tea set, glass ball, puzzle blocks, necklace (I now have), helmet, and an empty pedestal. Purple, red, and yellow banners. Pear Pie and Ketchup, bless their hearts, followed me and I think they’re trying to stop me but don’t know what to do.
I went upstairs to try to finish disabling the traps. I’m not sure what happened. And then you know, check under the bed. And that led me to a huge room filled with gold and gems. Perfect! This is like heaven. Except for the statue of a rock coming at me. Which then became 2 golden rock things. Luckily Pear Pie and ketchup found me and helped or else… I probably owe them my life. We were able to defeat both statues and get two treasure chests out. But Pear Pie didn’t like the idea of me stealing from here and wouldn’t help me until I told him why I needed the money. Seems like I have almost no secrets now. None of them know everything but I feel so vulnerable now that they have this information over me.
Anyway, when I went to look out the door, there were about 30 soldiers outside and Lenny was nowhere to be found. That little rat! No honor amongst thieves’ obviously. And now I’m hiding in a cabinet with the chests and I have no idea where Pear Pie or Ketchup are. I heard them talking a little. It was all muffled but I think they got arrested. There were footsteps as soldiers were searching for anyone else. And now to plan my next moves in order to get the treasure, save Pear Pie and Ketchup, and get vengeance on Lenny.

Dear Diary,
I knew seeing Lenny was going to be a bad thing. No I need to stop blaming others. Ugh! I waited a long while before crawling out of that cabinet only to find I was trapped in that creepy house. A black fog outside the windows, the doors open into more doors, and as I tried to problem solve, I went blind. Then There was a voice, a hand on my arm, and that ruby necklace placed back on my neck and I could see. In front of me stood an older man with a beard and turban. Somehow in this moment of panic, my brain clicked and remembered where I’d seen the men in that picture. They were the ones I’d been sent to assassinate before I met the Cobblers. I’d killed this man’s father and was now at his mercy. Yet to my great surprise, he showed mercy and generosity. I’d stolen from him, became cursed by the necklace I stole, had left my friends to take the fall and this man looked into my mind. He saw the reason behind my actions and gave freely of his wealth to aid me and my family. I ruined his family while he helps mine. I… There are no words.
He went on to explain this curse to me and it seems if I’m to be any use in a fight and if I want to not be blinded when apart from this necklace I must have a “Change of ways”. I’m not sure what that means but it sounds like a lot is going to change.
This man then teleported me in shifting sands to the sultan’s palace to deliver a note. It seems we will be tested in the afternoon; whatever that means.

Dear Diary,
I spent the night counting the coins in the chests. In the morning I took the chests to exchange them for a smaller currency. I need to make sure not to waste a single gold coin of this wealth. It is meant to save my family. I fear that mage would be angry if I spent his gift any other way.
Then I needed to tie up loose ends. I tried to visit Lenny but had to leave a message instead.
Last thing before the test. “Change of ways” echoes in my head. I’m not sure what specifically I need to do but until I do, I’m going to change everything. I went to SBC Packers. It was quite busy. But I was able to get a small gift for each of my… friends. Yes, they’re friends. I need to show my appreciation to them.
My friends (Moradin! That feels weird to write) know something’s wrong but are willing to leave me alone, especially after giving Ketchup Kerjidt a pearl. Though they’ll know most of this curse once it’s stressful. And considering these tests are going to take place in the Pits where there’s a series of enemies, each harder than the previous. I’m sure there’s going to be some nervous laughter and not sure if I’ll help at all.

Dear Diary,
My ribs hurt from all the laughing. Damn! Curses suck. I was aware of everything happening around me but I couldn’t calm my mind in order to help. I lay on the ground laughing while my friends were getting attacked by ghouls, a water being (which engulfed me), a giant squishy cube (which also engulfed me), and then a minotaur and a demon. I had small moments of clarity but was pretty useless even then. The last moment of clarity I had though, I calmed my mind in desperation to save my friends. I wasn’t able to do much but I healed Pear Pie Kie Pear in order for him to survive and then help take down the demon. And now we are going to a meeting with the mage. This scares me a bit more than the demon did. Moradin help me.

Dear Diary,
That dwarvish swear block was the dwarvish swear medicine that the boy was dwarvish swear talking about! I thought the dwarvish swear pouch he was clutching was the dwarvish swear medicine. I never wanted the girl to die. That creepy ass dude in the random tavern obviously wanted Magi Medina’s daughter to die for some reason. Well the*dwarvish swear* medicine got home now. I hope that the girl didn’t suffer too much.
But anyway, moving on. We were then taken to an infirmary and found Commander Stormcloak looking over Prince Eodin. Magi Medina gave us the hardest decision I’ve ever made. Wipe his memory and give him a new life where he is in danger of a new uprising of cultists killing him for his blood or kill him now as a mercy while he doesn’t feel any pain. After lots of discussion we came to a decision. I don’t know if either choice was the right one but at least I ended Eodin’s life quickly.
The magi took his body away and ensured no blood would be available for a cultist to collect.
Only a few moments passed before an explosion rocked the tower. We rushed to the source and found a winged skeleton creature coming out of a portal. I spent the whole battle on the floor laughing so all I really know is Magi Medina used the portal to suck the demon out which also pulled us towards the portal and thanks to Kerjidt I wasn’t banished to some hell dimension. So now we know teleportation circles can be dangerous; especially when we’ve just come from a fight.

Dear Diary,
We’ve followed Commander Stormcloak and his men to Zarafel Castle in order to clean out any cultists but it seems another portion of Myant’s army saved us the trouble. We did find a left over chest which I “unlocked” and divided out treasure. Nella got a cool pan flute, there were a couple diamonds which I gave to Nella and Kerjidt in case they need them for spells, and a pouch of gold which, despite my base instincts, I gave equal portions to all my companions while taking none for myself. I hope actions like this will help break my curse.
Stormcloak led us behind the throne, through a secret passage and we found a tunnel that was created about 2 years ago if I had to guess. At the end of it we found a glowing cube on top of a pedestal. I wonder if it’s another artifact that Madame Elron was going to use in her plots. But once I picked up the cube (I seem to be plagued with mysterious cubes) I was pulled upward by a tentacle. Fortunately I was able to escape before succumbing to fits of laughter. I did see, unless now I’m hallucinating, Kie-Pear do the coolest thing. He suddenly appeared in front of the monster, punched it twice, fell to the ground (much more gracefully than me), and walked away like it was nothing. But now my only worry is what this cube has in store for us and why it was being kept in this tunnel.

Dear Diary,

It’s been a very long time since I wrote in you. Travelling with the Cobblers has brought me into so many strange encounters that they don’t even surprise me anymore. It was going quite well in all honesty. Found Nella’s Mentor/Crush, joined some cult thing, found a new family member in Kie Pear’s “mom”. I’ve been changing a lot of my ways in order to break this Moradin-damned curse, which included not writing this diary any more. But I needed to vent tonight.
I came home today happy that we’d be heading to a few locations where my family were sold very soon. I found that Janelle had made a few improvements on the house. And then I found Janelle counting the money that she was using to finance the improvements. The money I’d told her not to touch unless it was a great emergency. The money that Magi Medina had given to me in order to free our family. The money that she’d already taken 6,000 gold from. I can’t believe she’d do that. This estate is already far grander than the small house we had growing up. That money was my hope for our family’s future. That was NOT supposed to be spent on frivolities. Even when I had no gold on my person, I refrained from using it. And SHE spent so much of it. She’s so ungrateful and doesn’t know how to be content with what she has. I know her life has been hard and I’m trying to make it easier now. I’m trying to do the only thing I know how to do but she wants me to quit. She doesn’t understand that this is our family’s only hope. I promised her I’d quit once everyone was safe again but that’s not good enough apparently. She’s older which means she must be smarter. If she’s so smart, why’d she let herself get captured? Why didn’t she escape? Why can’t she find the rest of the family herself? How am I the one to blame? Why is it my fault that I trusted someone? Our parents couldn’t even get along with our clan and we were kicked out. I had just tried to make friends with our neighbors. I was a child for goodness sake! I didn’t know he’d betray me. If I could go back and fix things I would but that’s not possible.
I love my sister but I can’t live with her. I know she’s not happy here and I can’t do what she wants. I hope the money I gave her will help her. It’s been 5 years since we lived together and I don’t think I knew her then either. Damn family! Life would be so much easier if I didn’t care so much… Like Kerjidt… Maybe it’d be easier without a soul. Maybe the rest of my family doesn’t even want to be rescued. If this is what I get from the most mild mannered one of the family, what am I to expect from the rest?

Leana Thunderstone

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