Elathar Konowa

Elf Ranger



“I am Konawa, an High elf ranger. But that is all i can tell you for i can’t remember my past.I woke up one day in the forest with no recollection of my former self, the only memory i have is of my name and the use of my weapons. I travel the world for many years looking and hoping to find someone who might be able to help me.”

During his time with The Cobblers, Konowa found out his name is a family name of nobility within the city of Brapool. With the help of Archmage Pycell he was able to unclock some of his memories…

A chase with a child in arm. Was he the child? Was he one running? Who was chasing? And why? A cliff. Arrowing piercing flesh… a long drop…

Elathar Konowa

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