The Cobblers

Session 42 & 43: Attack on Gacot

During their stay at the Tiefling Enclave, Konowa and Leana work through the night along with one of the smithy tieflings to create explosives to use during the attack on Gacot.

During that time Kie-Pear is challenged to one on one combat by Zaigora. Zaigora outmatches Kie-Pear who uses the darkness spell to disappear.

In the morning, Kie-Pear has an argument with Konowa and Leana about the use of bombs, and walks off in a huff.

As Konowa, Leana, and thennewly arrived Nella talk about lover issues, an explosion rocks the white pagoda. The party rush to investigate.

They find bodies of dead or wounded tieflings strewn about the artifact room. One of the wounded explain that some orcs teleported into the room, stole the Staff of the Monkey King, and Zaigora followed them.

The leader of the Tieflings, Kage Aku surveys the destruction and ask the group to recover the Staff. He also calls on a Tiefling named Tophie to escort them to Gacot, to which she passes that job to two tieflings under her care, Soak-a-Toe and Cinco-Tan. The party rides off to Gacot.

A day and a half journey and the party find themselves rescuing villagers from the city of Gacot from a orc hunting party. They are able to capture one orc who tells them about the defenses as well as strength of the orc army present at Gacot. They also learn that these orcs are under the command of three hags and an octopus faced man.

After giving all useful information, Leana ends the orcs life.

Another days journey and the party find themselves at the outskirts of Gacot as they watch two orc soldiers tie up a village to an x post and break his legs.

Enraged, Cinco rushes in to attack, as does Leana and Konowa. Ubdortunately this attack alarms the orcs in the city and the party finds themselves fighting 5,000 orcs. Leana and Nella drop 50 bombs from the sky while Soak, Cinco, and Konowa make a hasty retreat deep into the woods.

Leana and Nella try dropping bombs on the large mound outside the city to the west. They kill many villagers working on the mound, but also reveal a much greater danger… the birth of another Mud Mother.



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