The Cobblers

Session 39: Going Rogue

After a tough battle with a hag and her frog minions, The Cobblers gain a moments respite. Phelaia seems to have a hard time and angrily stalks off. The rest prepare to set up camp.

In the morning, the group finds a letter from Phelaia saying that she has decided to leave the group for to be with her husband and give birth to her son.

As they finish the letter they hear shouts from the forrest. Nella and Leana decide to investigate. As they search around the hanging bags they find a gnome by the name of Raldo Baggins who tells them that he was sent here by someone named Lenny. He agrees to join the group if only to find Lenny and exact some sort of revenge.

It takes two weeks for the group to return to Brapool. The city is in full war effort mode. They meet up with Donovan, Konowa’s uncle and he tells them how they are preparing for the war. The group tells them there are Illithid on the opposite side of Seagand near some Dwarven Ruins. Donovan proposes to send a contingency of soldiers to get rid of them and claim the mines. Leana is angered by this.

Kie-Pear and Kerjidt decide to visit their “monastery” while Leana, Nella, and Raldo visit Lord Estinnor to return to him his hammer artifact and Staff of the Magi. After some convincing, Estinnor allows them to keep the items until all the war is over. Konowa returns and tells them that his sister Lemure is wanting to join them as a talking puma follows him. The puma transforms into her sister and insist of joining them.

Leana and Nella then decide to “initiate” Raldo into the group by seeing how well he haggles. They bring him to the shop keeper Cirric. After some fearful awkwardness from Raldo and finding out Cirric was conned by Lenny as well, they quickly leave and figure they need to go to Grizmont soon enough.



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