The Cobblers

Session 38: Frogs. Why'd It Have To Be Frogs?

Heading towards the mines behind the ruined keep, The Cobblers find a vast operation of mindflayers harvesting the energy stones. They head upwards and into a deserted part of the caves where they find an exit boarded up. Phelaia rages and with brute force opens the exit. The party find themselves at the top of the ravine looking down at the damage the mudslide has done. All they see is the top of the statutes head at the entrance. They proceed westward towards the location of the hag.

After a week of rainy travel, they find themselves in a dense jungle. The stench of rotting flesh is strong in the area and as they look up they are shocked to find dozens of nets filled with the carcasses of various beast. Leana sees that the area is covered in these net traps. They rise above the canopy to get away from the smell and head forward until they see belpw them a large bog full of grungs.

Towards the far end of the bog is a large tree turned into a home. Kerjirt uses his raven familiar to fly down and take a peak through the window. He sees a young elf woman and a hag making conversation. The hag notices the raven and tries to pet it, but it flies away.

The elven woman walks out the door and bops several grungs on the head as they approach her. At the same time Kerjirt and Kie-pear teleport inside the tree, while Konowa and Leana attacking the hag from abovr

The plan goes a bit south as the elf woman transforms into a green slaad, its mere sight terrifying Kie-Pear into a puddle of tears. A froghemoth as well as the hundreds of grungs and even the tree itelf attacks the party. The Hag screams at them, that she will remember them and vanishes away. Leana realizes too late that the necklace they sought was around her neck.

The Cobblers get the upper hand of fighting the various creatures with Nella continually casting Shatter and Phelaia raging upon the Froghemoth. Konowa makes the killing blow on both the froghemoth and the sentient tree. The grungs flee at the sight of their green slaad leader being pummeled to death by the now steadfast monk, Kie-Pear



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