The Cobblers

Session 37: The Illithid Lair

The party having entered the area of the underground lake find a Dwarven ruin in the center of it with a large black pyramid within it. Hoping on their carpets to scope the place, they find many illithid in chains harvesting glowing purple rocks. They also see a different sort of illithid overseeing the work. Kerjirt, Leana, and Phelaia decide to take out what seems to be the commander illithid, but as they approach it, the illithid calls out to Kerjirt mistaking him for a “Lord Athar.”

Kerjirt tries to deception the illithid, but the ruse fails. They attack it and find themselves in a chamber with Elder Brain changed to six stones. A hard psychic battle commences with not only the illithid, but the imprisoned Elder Brain and two mindwitnesses. As the illithid falls, his dying words to the group gave them much concern:

“Lord Athar will know of this…” the illithid breaths his last as a wisp of energy expires from its mouth and out the chamber.

The group release the Elder Brain and it thanks them for their service in killing the rogue illithid known as Corvex. It then ask them to locate a powerful item to energize their Nautilus ships. As the party explores are dwarf ruins and find Corvex’s study. In the study they find small stones to power up Konowa’s rifle, a leather bound tome written in the illithid language, and one of the legendary hammers.

They return to the Elder Brain and have him decipher the tome. It in they find Corvex had notes about the construction of the manacles every other illithid in the area was wearing, as well as thoughts and ideas of using the Elder Brains psychic powers on a world wide scale. The Elder Brain replies that they have no thoughts on world domination and that their desire is to merely go home, but they would need the power of items like the newly aquired hammer to energize their ships.

The group wonders what they would do, and persuade the Elder Brain to use the power of the 2 hag necklaces that they found. They promise to return with a third necklace. The Elder Brain agrees and points them westward towards a hag in the area.



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