The Cobblers

Session 34: Wizards and Warrior

After making work of the would be kidnappers, Konowa, Phelaia and Nella make their way back to Donovan’s study in the tower.

Leana suggest they find a hideout and after some goading, Donovan agrees. They teleport some distance away to a small cottage on the outskirts of Brapool.

While at the hideout, Ballineth dispels her strong magics towards Konowa’s sister and transforms her back to her Elven self. Lemure gets angry at Konowa, but decides to rest it all off (with the help of Donovan, of course).

Leana and Phelaia visit Cirric at his shop and acquire their stuff, two boots of haste and a sword called the Nine Lives Stealer. While they are in the market they hear talk about opening up a gate to free Dramorion Konowa. Before they could follow those who were talking, they lose them in the crowd. The two hurry back to the hideout.

At the hideout Donovan tells the group that it takes at least four Lords of Brapool to open the gate to release Dramorion. The gate is in the lower depths of the Lords Tower.

They all decide to hit the rebels hard and fast. They make it to the tower and Donovan charges some soldiers to surround the tower while others still go to get the Lords loyal to Donovan. They then find themselves at the gate.

A battle ensues, Faegon and Laisith (two of the Lords) fall in battle with Zinalore making his escape. The rebels within the gate chamber easily surrender.

After a few days Donovan makes a speech to the city of Brapool telling them of the sotuation within the larger world as well as absolving any “crimes” the Cobblers have done in the city.



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