The Cobblers

Session 27: Tick Tock

After escaping from the catacombs, the Cobblers find themselves surrounded by some of the town soldiers. They are able to convince the soldiers that they are “secret agents” on a mission. Garrus is nowhere to be found.

After meeting back up with Kerjiit, the team decide to go to the clock tower palace to see if they find finally destroy the threat to the city. There they find Lord Briarrose and he tells them the clock tower is 10 stories up. They also find him to be acting quite strange. After making the trek up and convincing the guards to unionize and take their break, they find the clock tower but nothing there except a desk and a journal with notes from Lord Briarrose about the death of his son.

As they exit the room, they find Lord Briarrose standing there asking if they found the clocktower sufficient. They say the clock tower is fixed and quickly head down stairs. As they are about to leave Lord Briarrose is yet again their to greet them. Kerjiit attacks with a well placed flame spell and it turns into a mud monster. The give chase and the monster leads them below the palace. Another entrance to the flesh like catacombs. Twisting and turning the catacombs lead them into a giant hatchery where they do battle with a slug like creature with scythes for claws.

The battle is fierce and Leana is succumbs to her injuries. The party decides it is time to flee and cover the hatchery in oil and black power.

The explosion rocks the entire palace bringing it to ruin, but The Cobblers manage to escape.



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