The Cobblers

Session 26: Finding The Hive

The Dragon introduced himself as Orion and he was the elf in the forrest. He merely wanted to test them—they passed.

The Cobblers told him about their need for some adamantium and Orion produces as giant meteor made out of Adamantium. He ask the Cobblers to tell him a story each. Their goals, their dreams. The Cobblers find out that Orion is probably just a lonely type.

Orion then ask them to fight him, to “test their muscle.” The fight is fierce, but with some well placed headshots they manage to have Orion surrender. The party takes a long rest while Leana decides to make a bargain with the Dragon: If we survive the war in the east, give us a quarter of your gold.


Coming back down the mountain, the party see a party of Orcs in the forrest and one in particular with wings. They decide not to interfere.

Coming back to the Wolves Den, they show Fontaine the adamantium. He and Leana decide to start melting the metal for plating their weapons. Before that happens, they are sent off to two missions.

Secure Soldier clothing to easily influtrate the city.
Find Marco’s missing arm and pack.

Konowa and Leana decide to sneak into a nearby barracks within the city and cause a distraction while picking locks.

Phelaia, Garrus, and Nella go to a toy store in the city and find Marcos arm as well as a sample of the mud men in a glass vial. Not all goes well as Garrus is almost arrested. Well placed nut shots take care of trouble.

A week passes the weapons are ready, as well as the makeshift mud men compass. The figure out there are 3 places of interest: The city grave yard, a tavern cellar, and the clocktower of the city. Garrus tells them the clock tower also acts the Lord Lycuis and Lady Gwenlyn Bairerose abode. They decide to go to the graveyard.

The compass point them to a masoleum and with the help of a local gravekeeper they enter. They find the walls are flesh like see find some citizens trapped within egg like pods. Leana decides to free as many people as she can while Konowa explores deeper and decides to lay black power all over. He find another chamber filled with 5 foot eggs and puts more blackpower around.

Konowa then discovers a mud creature and a battle commences. They quickly defeat the creature then decide before more come to destroy the place. Leana is hesitant and wants to save more people, but everyone decided that for the greater good, colladeral damage must happen.

They escape, saving 14 townsfolk, while the moseleum massively explodes.



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