The Cobblers

Session 25: Adamantium

After coming into the Wolves Den the Cobblers are greeted by three halflings, Melody, Tiku, and Marco. They also see Garrus training two werewolves. They find out the wolves are Celeste and Kaheel.

Sir Jonathan Fontaine tells the group he was trailing the mud creatures trying to find out where they are based from. He also tells them one of Leana’s twin brother has gotten captured by a creature so he has a responsibility to find him again. His plan is two fold: 1) Harvest a vein of adamantium to make the only weapons that hurt these creatures. 2) Find where these creatures reside and rescued the twin brother.

The group decides to find the adamantium and they leave in the evening (only after finding out that Garrus is bi and cleaning up the closets). On top of their flying carpets, the travel to the Clocktower district to the entrance of the cave that travels into the mountain. As the group travels, Kie-pear and Konowa hear someone shouting for help. As they investigate the find a man trapped under a tree branch. The help free him and the man shows them to his small cottage. The man tells them that at the top of the mountain a dragon lives but it may just be rumor. As they leave the cottage instantly turns into an abandoned one. Creepiness ensues.

As they comtinue onward, Garrus is attacked by a gigantic, blue salamander like creature that breathes electricity. They dispatch the creature quickly and head further into the mountain. The weather becomes harsher and harsher until they find themselves un a beautiful clearing with a crystal blue lake and a massive waterfall.

As they enter the waterfall the find the man who Kie Pear and Konowa saved as well as a massive horde of treaure. Leana rushes forward into the treature, when all of a sudden a gigantic golden dragon catches her in his palms.



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