The Cobblers

Session 24: A War is Brewing

We leave off with the Cobblers shopping at the Bazaar in the city of Myant. Phelaia goes to meet with Prince Tarkeen and he ask her to return to the palace with him. She tell him, “Can you give me a day to think about it?” He agrees.

Elsewhere some of the party meet an eccentric shop owner who tries to sell them a flying carpet. They also meet two other children who seem to be urchins from the city of Al-Mammoun looking for food. Leana takes them in.

Heading home, they hear word of war happening The Waste, a frozen land in the East of Faenirim. Some of their personal goals (Kerjiit seeing his brother via his crystal ball, Leana wanting to visit other places to look for her family, a visit to Barpool to deliver the cube to a safe vault) take them in that direction and after much deliberation they decide to head to Destone first to meet with John Fontaine and the Wolves Bane.

They acquire two magic carpets from the eccentric shop owner (due in part to Kerjiits haggling skills) and travel a week across desert and mountain.

When they arrive to Destone they find part of the city empty. They stop by a tavern to ask for directions. The barkeep they meet acts very strangely around them, but they pay it no mind. After a while an old man walks into the bar and makes a little small talk then leaves a silver sword on the table. He approaches the barkeep and slices his head off revealing a mud golem type creature.

The battle is fierce and no weapon seems to be doing any damage to it with the exception of the silvered sword and fire. Someone has the idea of throwing black powder on the creature and setting it ablaze.

Grabbing the old man, the party barely escape before the bar explodes with the creature still inside.

The old man leads them into what seems like an abandoned bar and introduces himself, “Illiyanna was right about you, but where are my manners. Sir John Fontaine of the Howls Bane. Welcome to Destone.”



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