The Cobblers

Session 23: Pit Stop

After making it back home to Myant, The Cobblers decide to do some shopping at Gilmores.

After picking up supplies, the head back home to a find someone has been upgrading the keep as well as a troubled Jeeves who complains about Phelaias pet roper. Going into the basement the find that a bunker has been added as well as a passage that leads out into the docks of Myant.

They find Phelaia’s pet roper not as crazed as Jeeves made it out to be but very affectionate.

Leana finds her sister Janelle was the one who made upgrades to the keep and aftrr a lengthy argument Janelle decides to leave for parts unknown.

Im the morning, Konowa and Kie-Pear visit Govenor Aoth to propose building a zoo.



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