The Cobblers

Session 22: Welcome to The Club

Back in town The Cobblers head towards the consortium to collect their reward for destroying the Necromancers Hideout. On the way, they meet up with Garrus and Soren of The Howl’s Bane. The Howl’s Bane tell them that Illiyanna Doren, Master of Housing for the city of Eliond, desires to meet with them.

During the meeting, Illiyanna ask if they would be interesting in joining the howl’s bane, a underground guild whose purpose is to destroy monstrosities and abominations of the world. Illiyanna tells them of the history of the Bane and tells them they would be welcomed in their number. The work is dangerous but the rewards are great.

They also learn the Howl’s Bane recruits those touched by curses and evil so that they may battle the darkness themselves.

The Cobblers agree and are at once given a mission to question Kurtis, one of the members of the consortium, about the lycan attacks in the city.

Once they leave Illiyanna’s they head towards the Consortium who pays them 10,000 gold pieces for their job.

They also do a little shopping in the city for potions and arrows.

As night falls they head towards the city Library, screwing up a sneaking mission and knocking out Kurtis who turns into what they believe is a weretiger. They tie it up and take it back to Illiyanna. When Illiyanna sees what they return with she immediately wants it killed which Leana coplies with. The creature turns into ash as Illiyanna tells them it was a Rakshasa.



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