The Cobblers

Session 21: Sewer Searching

Session 21: Sewer Searching

After taking care of the lab, Leana decides to go back into the sewer maze to search for anything worthwhile. There half the party finds themselves in battle with 2 othyug’s and the walls that are made of jibbering mouthers.
After a harrowing battle Leana, Konowa, and Phelaia come out disgustingly victorious. Coming out of the maze they find an Alchemy Jug floating in the waters.

Kie-Pear and Kerjiit are able to free Kaheel from the bed, still chained. After a long rest the party go back into the black power room, take two crates of black powder and set everything up to explode.

Walking out of the cave they watch as the Necromancers hideout goes up in a blaze of glory. Going towards their horse and carriage smash in front of them and they find themselves face to face with two snow giants and their pet whyvern.

They are able to talk thenselves out of the situation and they leave immediately. After a few days journey, they find Konowa’s familiar, Lemore in a cave licking her wounds. They heal her up and head towards Eliond and to Archmage Pycell.



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