The Cobblers

Session 20: Lab Rats

After clearing out the jail cell, The Cobblers proceed more cautiously into the cave. They find a room filled with black power, a half flooded, foul smelling cave, the entrance to lab, and the main quarters of the Necromancer. There they find Kaheel chained up to the bed. He tells the group he chained himself up because the necromancer told him he would help curse him of his lycanthropy. They find that the chain is magical and any attemps to remove the chain would end up in a loss of limb. They also find that the chain suppresses Kaheels urges to transform.

Kie-pear and Kerjiit find letters detailing the necromancers secrets along with a common name in both: Illiyanna Doren, one of the members of the consortium of six.

Finding a switch that controls the lab, The Cobblers enter it only to find it occupied with a flesh golem… a golem that is actually a container for a black pudding. They make quick work of the creature.

Items found in session: Universal Solvent, Glue, Angel Hair Bow String, two letters.



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