The Cobblers

Session 19: A Necromancer's Secrets

After bagging the head of Thoril the Necromancer, The Cobbler’s decide to join up with The Howl’s Bane. They head towards the highborn district to meet with the leaders of the city also known as the Consortium of 6. Leading the consortium is a snobbish gnome who informs the party that only half the reward will be given and even less than that for not finding where the Necromancer has his lair.

There is also trouble in town with several werewolves or weretigers. 2 new jobs are made for each group to choose:

Look for Thorils hideout and destroy any evidence of his work, but any important documents should be returned.
Find and destroy the werewolves plaguing the city.

The Howl’s Bane (already annoyed at the buracratic red tape of not getting fully paid) decide to find the werewolves.

The Cobblers head North to find Thoril’s hideout. Before they depart Soren of the Howls Bane says Thoril may be hiding at an abandoned Goliath Village since that is the only thing if importance up there.

It takes 3 days to if traveling during which the party was attack by a giant, but was quickly dispatched by Phelaia. Kie-Pear decides its a good idea to harvest a giants finger. They hurl the body off the side of the mountain which hits with a loud thud.

They find the abbandoned village and see that there are foot prints that lead into a cave. Inside the cave they find jail cells littered with bodies. Nella spies a silver necklace with a saphire gem in its center and decides she wants it. As Kie-Pear reaches out to get it for her, the bodies come to life! A bloody, gore filled battle ensues. During the chaos an undead minotaur comes charging into the fold, goring Konowa’s panther, Lamor.

The battle is long and harsh, but they come out victorious.



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