The Cobblers

Session 18: Bards and Banes

Session 18 Bards and Banes 4/9/16

The Cobblers go to the silver mug inn to see if Kaheel is there but they do not find him. Instead the find that the owner is an alchemist and sells his own potions since magic is prohibited within the town. They also meet an elf by the name of Thoril who introduces himself as a researcher who needs assistance getting back to his base of operations 3 days into the north into the mountains. He tells them that he is being tailed by a large half orc and he fears for his life and his work. He promises them a large sum of gold should they party help. They agree and decide to leave in the morning.

Meanwhile, Nella goes tavern to tavern looking for her Mentor without any success. As Nella, Kie-Pear, and Phelaia go to the final tavern, The Fellowship Hall, they learn the owner needs help with aquiring supplies from Othalion Castle for his special brew. The group agrees to help him in exchange for the receipe. As they leave, the run into a a male human, a female gnome, and a large hulking male half orc. They take note that this might be Thoril’s persuers. Phelaia and Kie-Pear seek out Pycell for some teleportation assistance.

Nella decides to visit the temple of Jergal across the street and it is there she finally finds her mentor Kaheel. A semi love scene happens. And hilarity insues. “He’s so dreamy!” After a bit of a stroll around town Kaheel and Nella decide to meet the next morning before Nella has to leave with her group. He tells her to find him at the Fellowship Hall.

The next day, the party finds a commotion happening at the Fellowship Hall. A room seems to have broken out of. Leana investigates and finds large animal prints and yellow fur around the area. The Cobblers return to Pycell and learn the truth: Kaheel has been turned into a Weretiger. Unable to with the help with Pycells research into Kaheels transformation, they instead head to Othalion Castle with Thoril in tow. The party transport themselves to Othalion Castle to pick up the brew supplies for the fellowship hall.

As they return, they find themselves at the outskirts of town next to another adventuring party consisting of a human male and gnome female. They realize this is part of the group that is looking for Thoril and quickly try to leave, but they are stopped by the Half Orc Garrus who can smell Thoril. The human male Soren and the tiny Gnome War Cleric named Pia reveals that they are a bounty hunting group by the name of The Howls Bane and they are looking for Thoril for desecrating the dead. As they are about to arrest him, Thoril escapes and summons zombies to aid him. A battle ensues and is finished off by a tag team attack between two highly skilled monks. The party finds some gold and a spell scroll on Thoril’s corpse.



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