The Cobblers

Session 17: Revelations

After winning her battle of the bards match, Nella and the women are about to receive their prizes, but Stella of The Celestials demands a one on one match she calls a “fair one.” The fight is far from fair. With the help of her teammates cheering her on and providing her with assistance (Kie-pear casting silence and Phelia casting thaumaturgy), Nella is able to quickly defeat her rival even as she turned into a displacer beast. For her win she receives a trophy and a bardic instrument, The Cli Lyre. After the fight, the party decides to finally look for Archmage Pycell. They find him at a small house at the end of the road. While meeting the Archmage, he tells them that he is actually house sitting for a dwarf friend named Gami. Pycell is able to slightly modify the curse necklace that Leana wears, help Konowa remember some repressed memories of a noble lineage and a baby, and foresee that Phelaia was pregnant. Before they leave, Nella learns that her mentor Kaheel visited Pycell for a medical reason. They were told that if they found Kaheel they should tell him Pycell is “still looking.” After the meeting, the ladies decide to pay a visit to The Celestials while the men go looking for some weaponry for Konowa. They find a blacksmith shoppe owned by an elderly dragonborn by the named of Hildegard. She goes on to tell them about her son not coming home from the war and it is at this point that Kie-pear realizes that this woman is the mother of his lieutenant that died in the swamp. Kie-pear returns the vial of blood he has and a tearful exhange is made. Hildegard tells Kie-pear that he is always welcomed as her “son.” She gives him a necklace to remember her by. Other things to note: The Cobblers are told to stay in the city 1 week for Pycel to figure out cube. Konowa’s Puma name is Lamor. Kaheel may have rented a room at the Silver Mug Inn and the owner of the inn an Elf Viran may be able to help them.



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