The Cobblers

Session 16: Seasick Songs

Session 16: Seasick Songs 3/19/16

On board the Sovereign, The Cobblers learn that the trip which usually takes two weeks would take only one since Captain John knows of a quick sea route through a canal. During their trip they begin having strange dreams. The day they are to arrive at Othalion Castle, Captain John seems to go mad and attempts to crash the ship into the jagged rocks of the canal. He then runs down into the hull. The cobblers give chase and find out the mercenaries have an aboleth in tow. They attempt to suppress the aboleth and the charmed mercenaries, but they fail. The aboleth escapes by making a hole in the ship. Though the ship is damaged, it makes it to port.

The Cobblers decide to interrogate the mercs who explain the aboleth was for Maximus Gustavio, the Master of Arms for the town of Eliond, the same town they are headed towards. They convince the mercs to simply try catching another one since there is no time limit for them.

After 2 days of travel via the wagon of Farmer McDonald of Othalion Castle, the group make it to Eliond. Yet on the road they learn that there is a celebration in Eliond for soldiers returning from war. The soldiers are from the Sune Army, the same army that Kie-Pear was from. Kie-Pear decides to disguise himself from soldiers who might know him and think him a deserter.

In town, Kie Pear and Kerjidt have their fortunes read and are told some ominious news, Konowa joins an archery competition and wins 3rd place bagging him a cool 500 gp. The ladies of the group join a bard competition when they learn Nellas former group, The Celestials, are also in town. Leana runs interference and poisons one of the members. It is a easy win for the ladies as the drummer of The Celestials loses her lunch while playing.



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