Konowa's Journal

-Uncle Donovan has taken me under his wing. I’m excited to learn about the mechanism of Brapool. He showed me some diagrams of his. A ballista that fires on its own? One that does not rely heavily on the arcane, but mechanics and energy stones? Interesting.

-Today I graduate with honors from the Emporium of Blades. Should I take my knowledge into the realm of war or engineering? Uncle knows best.

-Father never made it to the celebration. Of course not. Work is more important.

-Everyday father talks about the loss of his
seat to the counsel. Why can’t he just be grateful that his brother is there? At least our name sake still stands.

-Today Uncle Donovan and Father had a sharp disagreement. Uncle believes trade to be open to other lands, Father does not. Father called uncle a lover of inbreds and half breeds. Sometimes… I wonder what are beyond these walls.

-I don’t believe but I cannot disobey. He is plotting something against uncle. I simply asked what this all means and he screamed at me, “where is your loyalty boy? Remember that we are the main house and NOT Donovan. Tyrants do not belong on the throne!”

Konowa's Journal

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