Donovan's Speech

My fellow citizens of Brapool. One year ago during thr Moon Festival, there was an attempt on my life. By the gods, that day was night my last. A few days ago many of you were witness to the xenophobia and bigory of those same people who sought to do me and others great harm.

I ask that you forgive those men and women, as I have and will continue to do.

Change is always difficult. Blinds cover our eyes when we hold deep seated hatred within our hearts. Some of you may remember the War of the Thirds so many centuries ago. There is a reason we sat down in counsel with human and dwarf alike. That reason, was and is peace.

And that peace is now being shaken to its core. We have heard of a great evil stirring in the North. Evil that seeks to destroy and take for its own. They threaten our neighbors and if they fall… we too will fall.

So I ask of you this day, not out of complusion, but out of conscience that if you see fit to stand against the tide for the sake of this land of Faenirim, of Seagaand, of Brapool, then stand with me as we take up arms to qwell this evil! People of Brapool, are you with me?

A final request. As I asked of you to forgive, I ask it again in earnest for my nephew Elathar. For it was he who spoke against his father, my own brother. And it was he, along with the brave work of his friends who defended this city from an ideology so far removed where we are as a people. So this day, I grant him and friends a full pardon. Let this day be a day of celebration in honor of these heroic individuals.

Donovan's Speech

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