The Cobblers

Session 3: Prison and a Break

Kie-pear, Nanisar, Phelaia, and Kajiit find themselves arrested and thrown into the dungeons below the governor’s mansion. They are each interrogated by Commander Vurst Stormcloak about their actions and about the Rod of Rulership. They are found to be guilty of thievery and violent acts and sentenced to be executed.

The day of the execution, they are pardoned by Governor Aoth Arizma and sent on a mission to rid a forest of a band of lizardfolk or die trying. Before departing on the mission, they spend some time finishing a delivery for Gilmore.

Late afternoon they arrive at the forest where they find a small cave… the lair of the lizardfolk. Once inside they witness a ritual happening by three lizardfolk and a lizard shaman. The adventurer decide to disrupt the ritual and combat ensues. Phelaia falls unconscious, but the party is victorious. Kie-pear skins one of the lizardfolk of its feet and beheads another to show proof of their kills.

Once back at town, they are acknowledged by Commander Stormcloak of their skills and given a room to rest.

The next day, Commander Stormcloak tells them they are to be hidden guards at the Governors Mansion for the celebration of the founding of Myant. They decide to ready themselves for the party by visiting Gilmore’s Goods as well as other shops.

The night of the party as Govenor Aoth makes his speech, he is attacked by assassins. The party along with the guards easily dispatch the assassins. Kie-pear finds a note in one of the assassins belongings and proceeds to bring the assassin to the dungeon cells.

Nanisar and Phelaia meet with a recovering Governor Aoth who thanks them for their efforts and ask them to work for them. “I will not take no for an answer,” he says. They agree to work under him then leave him to rest.

Meanwhile, Kie-Pear interrogates the prisoner. She tells him she was ordered by Elron, a drow who works for Eoden, to assassinate Aoth, Archmage Pycell, and Commander Stormcloak. With her mission a failure she request that she be killed. Kie-pear can only oblige with the request and snaps her neck.

Session 2: Special Delivery
A New Challenger Arrives

Kie-pear, Peilaia, and Nanisar decide to run back to the museum to inform Vanessa and Valdrak of the relic. They learn the history of The Zeofel Kingdom that King Eoden died of an illness and his son committed suicide. They also learn that Aoth Arizma became governor of Myant in the wake of the King’s death. They showed the note found from the werehouse to the museum curators, but they could not figure things out. Instead they told them to leave the city unless the theives came back. Vanessa told them to keep the rod, and paid them for their services.

After visiting the museum the adventurers paid a visit to Gilmore’s Glorious Goods where they met Seline and also Sean Gilmore. Prices were a bit stiff for the adventurer, but on promise to deliver some goods from the harbor, Gilmore said he would possibly give them some discount on top of the 10% of the grand opening.

They decided to get some rest at Mary’s Inn. Peilaia and Nanisar tried to stir the rod of rulership (which they learned from Gilmore was a legendary artifact) but nothing happened.

In the morning, they met up with a Dragonborn Warlock who had a penchant for flirting as well as thieving. Together they set about to retrieve the good at the harbor for Gilmore, but were attacked by the thieves from the warehouse. It was a hard fought battle with both the dragonborn and the tiefling becoming unconscious (the dragonborn being saved by Nanisar). In the end, they defeated the thieves but immediately arrested by the city guards lead by Vurst Stormcloak.

Session 1: Missing from Myant

The adventurers meet aboard a ship named The Sovereign headed to the coastal city of Myant. While walking through past the various vendors they are stopped by a dwarf named Valdeer who ask for their help. He leads them to a museum to meet with his wife Vanessa. Vanessa tells them they are curators and that a relic rod belonging to King Eoded was stolen a night ago. Vanessa petitions the adventurers to seek out the relic which they do.

The half Elf’s Nanisir, Cassandra, and Sophia decide to visit the Governor’s mansion but to no success. The guards merely brush them off. At the same time, Phelaia the Tiefling Barbarian and Kie-Pear the monk decide to seek out information at the Dragon Maw’s Tavern. They find a lead in a Half Orc who tells them to meet in the back alley. At this time the other half of the party meets up with them. The half orc tells the group that they are asking too many questions and a fight ensues. The party quickly dispatches of the thugs, stripping the half orc down to his loin cloth and stuffing him in a box. Unfortunately one of the thugs flees. The party find a note which reads:


Cassandra and Sophia decide to stay and guard the unconcious half orc while the rest of the party go looking for the clues in the harbor.

At the harbor, Nanisir, Phelaia, and Kie-Pear find warehouse marked #115. They find the thug that ran away from the earlier fight telling his friends about almost getting beat up, but his cry falls to deaf ears. Meanwhile, the group devise a plan to involving the guards playing cards, control flame, mage hand, stealing some gold coins. It works and chaos ensues.

In the chaos the Monk Kie-Pear successfully climbs up the back of the warehouse, sneaks in and finds the relic rod as well as other gold and other shiny trinkets. He also finds another note that reads:


With haste, Kie-Pear drops the rod from the window into the waiting hands of Phelaia. As Phelaia holds the rod it glows faintly with a magical white hew. With relic in hand the party decides to return in haste to the museum.


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