The Cobblers

Session 42 & 43: Attack on Gacot

During their stay at the Tiefling Enclave, Konowa and Leana work through the night along with one of the smithy tieflings to create explosives to use during the attack on Gacot.

During that time Kie-Pear is challenged to one on one combat by Zaigora. Zaigora outmatches Kie-Pear who uses the darkness spell to disappear.

In the morning, Kie-Pear has an argument with Konowa and Leana about the use of bombs, and walks off in a huff.

As Konowa, Leana, and thennewly arrived Nella talk about lover issues, an explosion rocks the white pagoda. The party rush to investigate.

They find bodies of dead or wounded tieflings strewn about the artifact room. One of the wounded explain that some orcs teleported into the room, stole the Staff of the Monkey King, and Zaigora followed them.

The leader of the Tieflings, Kage Aku surveys the destruction and ask the group to recover the Staff. He also calls on a Tiefling named Tophie to escort them to Gacot, to which she passes that job to two tieflings under her care, Soak-a-Toe and Cinco-Tan. The party rides off to Gacot.

A day and a half journey and the party find themselves rescuing villagers from the city of Gacot from a orc hunting party. They are able to capture one orc who tells them about the defenses as well as strength of the orc army present at Gacot. They also learn that these orcs are under the command of three hags and an octopus faced man.

After giving all useful information, Leana ends the orcs life.

Another days journey and the party find themselves at the outskirts of Gacot as they watch two orc soldiers tie up a village to an x post and break his legs.

Enraged, Cinco rushes in to attack, as does Leana and Konowa. Ubdortunately this attack alarms the orcs in the city and the party finds themselves fighting 5,000 orcs. Leana and Nella drop 50 bombs from the sky while Soak, Cinco, and Konowa make a hasty retreat deep into the woods.

Leana and Nella try dropping bombs on the large mound outside the city to the west. They kill many villagers working on the mound, but also reveal a much greater danger… the birth of another Mud Mother.

Session 41: Diplomacy

The battlefield is littered with dead bodies orc and human alike. General Veronika Stormcloak orders soldiers to tend to the wounded, Then she turns to you along with the tieflings and ask you all to follow you.

As you walk through the main road of the city you can hear disturbing moans of agony coming from a large marketplace converted into a emergency triage. You see soldiers, men and women, bandaged up or missing limbs. A cleric runs past you, their gown covered in blood.  As you take in this horrific scene, you slowly find yourselves being surrounded on all sides by a dozen armored soldiers, then 2 dozen, 3 dozen.

“Merely for your protection” says the General. “From who,” ask Leana. “Against us.” Says one of the masked tieflings.

Climbing a guarded road to the top of a hill is Lady Natalia’s manor, a large two story structure of wood and stone. There are soldiers all around, each carrying heavy crossbows and short swords, some with pikes. But not as many as you think their should be, what there is a lot of though are statues of winged, female humanoids each covering their face as if they are weeping. You all get an omminous feeling about them as General Veronika says, “don’t worry, they’re just stone.”

After securing your wagon and horses, the General leads you all inside to what looks to be a living room converted into a war room, with a large oak table in the center and a map of the continent with several figurines strewn about. A young girl many not more than 10 is sitting at one end, flanked by two familiar faces, the half elf Alcoril and the now Lieutenant Commander Thomas.

The young girl stands from her seat, “General, a report?”

“Severe losses, my lady and the east gate is destroyed, but I will give you an accurate count by evening. For now…” as she turns to all of you, the teiflings make their way forward and take a knee.

“Lady Natalia. Gacot has fallen to the orcs. We manage to rescued some villagers, but not nerely enough. We come to pledge our servitude yet again as we did for your father—”
Lady Natalia raises a hand, "stop. Firstly, we thank you for your information regarding, Gacot. Secondly, we do not need your service. You may leave. Immediately. Soldiers. See these “demons” out of the city?"
One of the teiflings immediately stands up, “demons?! How dare you!”
“No, how dare you! You ought to know the laws of this land better than anyone else. No teifling is allowed within Grizmont. If any are, the punishment is a swift death. It is only by my kindness that your head is still upon your shoulders. Now, leave at once. Soldiers!”
“We can see ourselves out!”
“Im sure you can, but I much prefer my soldiers to help you on your way.”

The tieflings are quickly escorted out of the manor as Lady Natalia turns her attention to you.

“Now then… who might you be?”

The General answers on your behalf. “According to my brother they were instrumental in qwelling some cultist near Myant.”

“And they protected the leaders of Brapool against a coup attemp.” Alcoril adds.

“Impressive, Cobblers. So what news do you bring?” You show her the letter from Donovan and she gives you the standing number of soldiers in the human army: 7500… before the attack on the city.

Lieutenant Commander Tomas suggest that The Cobblers go to Gäcot to scout the area and see if the tieflings words are true. Lady Natalia agrees to these plans and sends them off.

As you leave the manor, General Stormcloak explains the issue with Lady Natalia and tieflings. “She witnessed her parents being killed by tieflings in her own home. It was an extremely tramatic experience. The city mourned for a week and afterwards, she was quickly installed as the new Countess of Grizmont. Her first order of business was to outlaw any and all tieflings from the city. It was a messy time. But even after all these years, those tieflings still show fealty.”

“But why does Lady Natalia look like a child?”
“Some say she was cursed by the tieflings. I dont believe it. They wouldnt do that.”

At this time the party splits with Leana, Konowa, and Lemure going to visit a black powder merchant by the name of Borgal Deepdelve. They meet the dwarf and he leads them down into his mine/home. Leana learns that her sister Christya was here, but left with her father and brother.

The negotiations for black power go bad as Konowa shows off his rifle and gets the group arrested.

At the same time Kie Pear, Kerjidt, and Raldo find the that the tieflings from earlier have made camp outside the city. The tieflings tell them that Gacot has fallen to orcs and they are sacrificing towns people to a giant glowing rock. They also learn about a teleportation circle outside of the town that was previously dormant. The tieflings ask if they could join them in their enclave. The cobblers agree and say that will meet them further into the forest the next day.

As Kie-Pear, Kerjidt, and Raldo return to the city, they find out what has happen to the other half of the group. Plans are made with General Stormcloak about their prisoned party members as well as aquiring enough funds to buy some black powder.

At the Dame and Knackle the party meets Nellas parents as they are performing. Nella is throughly embarrased by them.

The next day provision are bought… 3 crates of black powder (2 of which are given to the war effort), 500,000 ball bearing and nails, and some armor for Lemure. The Cobblers then meet up with the tieflings and after a 3 day journey make it to the monk enclave. There they meet the Kage Aku, the master of the Monks of the Vale as well as someone from Kie-Pears past… a red skinned tiefling named Zaigoria.

Session 40: To Grizmont

As the group make their preparations to leave for Grizmont. Lord Donovan gives the group two enchanted mirrors to be given to Lady Natalia and the leader of the Dwarven Army. Donovan also re writes the letter signifying The Cobblers status as emissaries.

Leaving Brapool for Grizmont, the group encounters Lady Balineth along with her druid followers making a river that cuts through the land. She explains it was one of the things requested by Lady Natalia. The group also meets up with Captain John Luc Picard of the Sovereign. His boat now outfitted for war and carrying soldiers. He tells them Grizmont is a few days journey northward.

As the group approach Grizmont the come to find it under attack by blue skinned orcs and orcs covered with explosive sores. They also see 3 covered wagons being attacked but guarded by 3 tiefling monks.

The battle is destructive as the eastern entrance is destroyed, but the soldiers of Grizmont prevail and push back the orcs into the forest.

After the fight, the group meets with one General Veronika Stormcloak the sister of Myant’s Commander Vurst Stormcloak. She immediately recognizes The Cobblers from letters received by her brother. The 3 tieflings also approach the group and announce, “Gacot has fallen to the orcs.”

Session 39: Going Rogue

After a tough battle with a hag and her frog minions, The Cobblers gain a moments respite. Phelaia seems to have a hard time and angrily stalks off. The rest prepare to set up camp.

In the morning, the group finds a letter from Phelaia saying that she has decided to leave the group for to be with her husband and give birth to her son.

As they finish the letter they hear shouts from the forrest. Nella and Leana decide to investigate. As they search around the hanging bags they find a gnome by the name of Raldo Baggins who tells them that he was sent here by someone named Lenny. He agrees to join the group if only to find Lenny and exact some sort of revenge.

It takes two weeks for the group to return to Brapool. The city is in full war effort mode. They meet up with Donovan, Konowa’s uncle and he tells them how they are preparing for the war. The group tells them there are Illithid on the opposite side of Seagand near some Dwarven Ruins. Donovan proposes to send a contingency of soldiers to get rid of them and claim the mines. Leana is angered by this.

Kie-Pear and Kerjidt decide to visit their “monastery” while Leana, Nella, and Raldo visit Lord Estinnor to return to him his hammer artifact and Staff of the Magi. After some convincing, Estinnor allows them to keep the items until all the war is over. Konowa returns and tells them that his sister Lemure is wanting to join them as a talking puma follows him. The puma transforms into her sister and insist of joining them.

Leana and Nella then decide to “initiate” Raldo into the group by seeing how well he haggles. They bring him to the shop keeper Cirric. After some fearful awkwardness from Raldo and finding out Cirric was conned by Lenny as well, they quickly leave and figure they need to go to Grizmont soon enough.

Session 38: Frogs. Why'd It Have To Be Frogs?

Heading towards the mines behind the ruined keep, The Cobblers find a vast operation of mindflayers harvesting the energy stones. They head upwards and into a deserted part of the caves where they find an exit boarded up. Phelaia rages and with brute force opens the exit. The party find themselves at the top of the ravine looking down at the damage the mudslide has done. All they see is the top of the statutes head at the entrance. They proceed westward towards the location of the hag.

After a week of rainy travel, they find themselves in a dense jungle. The stench of rotting flesh is strong in the area and as they look up they are shocked to find dozens of nets filled with the carcasses of various beast. Leana sees that the area is covered in these net traps. They rise above the canopy to get away from the smell and head forward until they see belpw them a large bog full of grungs.

Towards the far end of the bog is a large tree turned into a home. Kerjirt uses his raven familiar to fly down and take a peak through the window. He sees a young elf woman and a hag making conversation. The hag notices the raven and tries to pet it, but it flies away.

The elven woman walks out the door and bops several grungs on the head as they approach her. At the same time Kerjirt and Kie-pear teleport inside the tree, while Konowa and Leana attacking the hag from abovr

The plan goes a bit south as the elf woman transforms into a green slaad, its mere sight terrifying Kie-Pear into a puddle of tears. A froghemoth as well as the hundreds of grungs and even the tree itelf attacks the party. The Hag screams at them, that she will remember them and vanishes away. Leana realizes too late that the necklace they sought was around her neck.

The Cobblers get the upper hand of fighting the various creatures with Nella continually casting Shatter and Phelaia raging upon the Froghemoth. Konowa makes the killing blow on both the froghemoth and the sentient tree. The grungs flee at the sight of their green slaad leader being pummeled to death by the now steadfast monk, Kie-Pear

Session 37: The Illithid Lair

The party having entered the area of the underground lake find a Dwarven ruin in the center of it with a large black pyramid within it. Hoping on their carpets to scope the place, they find many illithid in chains harvesting glowing purple rocks. They also see a different sort of illithid overseeing the work. Kerjirt, Leana, and Phelaia decide to take out what seems to be the commander illithid, but as they approach it, the illithid calls out to Kerjirt mistaking him for a “Lord Athar.”

Kerjirt tries to deception the illithid, but the ruse fails. They attack it and find themselves in a chamber with Elder Brain changed to six stones. A hard psychic battle commences with not only the illithid, but the imprisoned Elder Brain and two mindwitnesses. As the illithid falls, his dying words to the group gave them much concern:

“Lord Athar will know of this…” the illithid breaths his last as a wisp of energy expires from its mouth and out the chamber.

The group release the Elder Brain and it thanks them for their service in killing the rogue illithid known as Corvex. It then ask them to locate a powerful item to energize their Nautilus ships. As the party explores are dwarf ruins and find Corvex’s study. In the study they find small stones to power up Konowa’s rifle, a leather bound tome written in the illithid language, and one of the legendary hammers.

They return to the Elder Brain and have him decipher the tome. It in they find Corvex had notes about the construction of the manacles every other illithid in the area was wearing, as well as thoughts and ideas of using the Elder Brains psychic powers on a world wide scale. The Elder Brain replies that they have no thoughts on world domination and that their desire is to merely go home, but they would need the power of items like the newly aquired hammer to energize their ships.

The group wonders what they would do, and persuade the Elder Brain to use the power of the 2 hag necklaces that they found. They promise to return with a third necklace. The Elder Brain agrees and points them westward towards a hag in the area.

Session 35 and 36: Blood Hunters Request

A week and a half has passed since the Rebel Lords of Brapool have been taken care of. Preparations are underway for a massive offensive in the north. The Elven military are readying troops. Lord Donovan requested the use of Konowas plan for his rifle to use in the war, Leana has taken back custody of her sister Kittya, while Nella has been faithfully reading her book on Blood Hunter lore and tactics.

Lord Estennor requested a “simple mission” of recovering two artifacts that were stolen from him by a wayward apprentice, his magical staff and a ruby warhammer. He tells the cobbers that he went south of Brapool into the jungles, possibily to the site of an old ruin.

As the Cobblers follow the clues, the fall upon a party of brightly colored frogs one carrying a large staff and another carrying a ruby encrusted warhammer. A battle goes down after frog negotiations fail and the group is able to gain back the items.

After searching the area, they find pieces of Lord Estennors apprentice. They then continue towards the ruins.

After days of heavy rains, the party finds the ruins in a muddy ravine. They also see a giant stone statue with a plaque that reads " Grokoud Emberhelm: 1st Lietenant of the Ironblood house." They find the entrance and after a bit of a stuggle, they are able to open it.

The also find themselves trapped in the ruins when a mud slide covers up the entrance.

Entering the ruins they find themselves in a dining area where they are attacked by several walking brains. After they make quick work of these creatures, they find a secret passage beneath the throne. After a ways of travel they come to a large chasm with only a rope bridge across the span. As Kie Pear walks ahead, he is instantly pulled upwards along with Nella and Leana. The rest realize there is some sort of gravitational pull while the ones who floated up find themselves amongst a sea of undead.

Kie Pear is able to make it to the otherside and sees a foundtain with the water floating upwards. Upon closer inspection, he sees a small green gem where the water touches. He pulls it out of the ceiling and hears loud crashes behind him. The undead fall violently to the bottom of the chasm while Leana and Nella hold on to the side of the wall. Everyone is able to make it to safety.

After passing a trapped stairway, the Cobblers find themselves in a burial chamber of sorts with nine brazier’s. And a couple flaming skulls. Explosions and mayhem occur, but they are able to defeat the skulls and figure out which braziers to light that opens the solid iron door ahead of them.

Beyond the door they find a large purple glowing lake and in the center of the lake a dwarven keep, engulfed ina pinkish membrane. Even more bizarre is what appears to be a large pyramid with the keep, not of dwarven design.

Session 34: Wizards and Warrior

After making work of the would be kidnappers, Konowa, Phelaia and Nella make their way back to Donovan’s study in the tower.

Leana suggest they find a hideout and after some goading, Donovan agrees. They teleport some distance away to a small cottage on the outskirts of Brapool.

While at the hideout, Ballineth dispels her strong magics towards Konowa’s sister and transforms her back to her Elven self. Lemure gets angry at Konowa, but decides to rest it all off (with the help of Donovan, of course).

Leana and Phelaia visit Cirric at his shop and acquire their stuff, two boots of haste and a sword called the Nine Lives Stealer. While they are in the market they hear talk about opening up a gate to free Dramorion Konowa. Before they could follow those who were talking, they lose them in the crowd. The two hurry back to the hideout.

At the hideout Donovan tells the group that it takes at least four Lords of Brapool to open the gate to release Dramorion. The gate is in the lower depths of the Lords Tower.

They all decide to hit the rebels hard and fast. They make it to the tower and Donovan charges some soldiers to surround the tower while others still go to get the Lords loyal to Donovan. They then find themselves at the gate.

A battle ensues, Faegon and Laisith (two of the Lords) fall in battle with Zinalore making his escape. The rebels within the gate chamber easily surrender.

After a few days Donovan makes a speech to the city of Brapool telling them of the sotuation within the larger world as well as absolving any “crimes” the Cobblers have done in the city.

Session 33: Saving A Minx

The group, along with Donovan finally meet up together and after escaping a few rebel members, make their way to Donovans study at the tower. There they talk about what will happen during the assassination attempt and who will be kidnapped. The group decides to see about saving Ballineth, The Lord of Transmutation. Donovan will be secretly escorted with the rest of The Cobblers (Kie-Pear, Leana, Kerjidt). He explains his daily routine which includes paper work in his office, a pint or two at the local bar (The Yawning Yan-ti), and a stroll outside the city gates for meditation on the shore.

Leana quickly makes a disguise for Phelaia, Nella, and Konowa before they board a one of the Brapool’s “chicken walkers” as Konowa named them.

About 45 minutes pass until they get to Ballineth’s house and they find it in shambles. As they enter the house they hear fighting in the backyard. They come just in time to see Alcoril pleading with six rogue like figures dressed in dark leathers and plain white mask to not capture the white and purple striped minx.

CupALRiUsAAcnZH.jpg Ballineth in Mid Transformation

A battle ensues, Konowa gets to try his new rifle and the party learns the rogues/rebels are good with magics. They make quick work of four of them while two escape. After the fight, The Cobblers ask what Alcoril was doing back in the city. He tells them he didnt approve of Lt. Thomas’ methods of getting help for the war and watch to apologuise to The Cobblers while getting them (Nella and Phelaia) out of prison.

Session 32: Tyranny
The Coup Begins

Leana and Kie-Pear decide to leave Konowa, Kerjid, and Lemure the Puma, to go item shopping. The two make it to a tent that look a lot like a wizards hat, meeting the creepy owner, Cirric. He doesnt work with money but with trades. He is willing to give them the items they seek (2 boots of haste and a sword called the Nine Lives Steeler) for what seems like favors that involve story telling, ropes, and chains. Phelaia is sold out for this favor and Leana says she’ll bring the stories. Kie-pear is totally creeped out.

At the same time, Konowa and Kerjidt work on the weapon that Konowa seems to have made in his past. Kerjidt figures out that the crystal at the top of this weapon can seem to hold an elemental charge and fired back. As they continue working Donovan appears in the house and three go into hiding.

Donovan makes it down stairs to the lab and Konowa surprises him. They talk about Konowa’s past, the reason he is here, and of the rebels. Konowa ask for his memory to be restored and it confirms everything they know and also that it was Konowa himself that asked for his memory to be altered and his sister turned into a puma. He also remembers now how to fix his new rifle aptly named, Tyranny. Konowa decides that they should free Nella and Phelaia. They run into Leana and Kie-pear who return from shopping and all head off together.

While in jail, Nella and Phelaia escape with the help of Lionel who was also imprisioned. They make their escape by enticing an imprisoned raptor with two freshly dead bodies that Lionel killed in his own escape. The creature agrees. And the party gather their belongings in storage and make their exit via the swear system.

Nella and Phelaia follow Lionel go to a secret meeting of rebels where they see 3 of the Lords of Brapool. One of the three, an older elf named Zinsalor gives the command for one group of rebels to assassinate Donovan while the other group kidnaps two Lords of Brapool, namely Ballineth Evanara and Estennor Silveroak.

The rebels disperse, Lionel taking part in the assassination attempt. Nella and Phelaia join as well.

At the safehouse, preparations are being made and Nella questions Lionel about Konowa saying, “he might not want this to happen.” Lionel gets angry saying, “of course he would! Why wouldnt he want to save his father?” An arguement happens but Nella defuses the situation by saying she and Phelaia will go talk to Konowa, who was last seen with Donovan and the rest of the party. Lionel agreed and lets them go.


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