The Cobblers

Session 11: Assassins and Answers

The Cobblers decide that they will infiltrate Castle Zarafel under cover of night.

They make it to the Blood Forest that surrounds the castle, but are ambushed by an assassination force. In the battle, Kie Pear manages to escape but Nella takes a mortal wound by arrow. The group is taken to the castle where they meet Madam Elron, a female drow and what seems to be the leader of the Spider’s Shadow Cult. She revives Nella then uses the stolen Rod on the remaining party to find the location of Prince Eoden Zarafel. A large party of cultist, including Leana, Pheleia, and Nella ride off to Blackwell Prison to get the prince.

Meanwhile, Kie Pear successfully inflitrates the Castle, looking for clues and the missing artifacts. He also lays a sabotouge within the castle library, setting it on fire. He manages to escape just when the cultist find out his identity and decides to report his findings to Captain Stormcloak.

Session 10: Roots and Revelations

The Cobblers prepare themselves for the wedding of Pheleia and Tarkeen. As they prepare, the Sultan pays each of them a visit to fulfill each of their request. For Leana she is given a notebook filled with names of her family and the places they were sent, for Kie-Pear he was given 4 slaves, two boys and two girls. Nella the bard was given a harp as a gift and was told she would be providing the music for the wedding. Pheleia was given two personal bodyguards.

The wedding went off with a hitch, the food was flowing as well as the wine. The honeymoon phase was even sweeter as all of the palace could hear the passionate cries of Tarkeen and Pheleia.

The next morning during breakfast, Tarkeen asked them of their plans. They had plan to go to Zarafel Castle before heading home to Myant, but the Prince warned them of trouble in the city of Myant. Riots and civil disorder where happening as reported by travelers and caravans.

The cobblers returned in haste to Myant to find the city indeed in chaos as well as fliers littering the streets. The fliers read:

“The governor knows! He is a liar! The Prince still lives!”

The party made it to their base of operations for a moment’s rest. Their maid Constance informed them that the troubled of the city happened a week after they left for Blackwell Prison. Some of the members decided to visit Governor Aoth to learn of the happenings. It was their they learned the chaos was dude to a cult named The Spiders Shadow who was looking for the Prince. The cobblers learned that the governor, in an attempt to save the kingdom years ago, killed of the King and Queen because they had made some sort of agreement with dwellers of the underdark. Governor Aoth then told them he could not kill a child so instead imprisoned the prince for his own safety. It was also during the riots that the Rod of Kings and Commander Stormcloaks sword were stolen. Returning home, their butler Jeeves mentioned that perhaps a magical item was being used upon the citizens of the city.

In the morning Kerjiit, Pheleia and her body guards, visited the Tomb of the King and Queen to see if their bodies were amiss. After exhuming the bodies, Kirgiit found a small trace of magical energy still upon the king and queen. At the same time the other half of the party spied upon a rally where they noticed an odd tattoo on one of the demonstrators. After the rally they cornered the man in an alleyway were he told them things in the city were only a distraction for things to come and that the time of the Spider Queen’s return was soon. He also told them that there were at least a dozen cult members still inciting revolt within the city and that the main force of the cult were holed up within Castle Zarafel. The man then took his own life on Leana’s sword.

As the group got back together they decided to visit Commander Stormcloak for more answers. The found the commander beaten up and in a bed within the barrack grounds. He had taken a beating defending the city. The group told the commander of the location of the cult members and the Commander told him his men would be in their service should they need it.

Session 9: Trial of The Sultan

The day of the Sultans Trial arrives. Kie Pear is visited by Nazeev, older brother of Tarkeen. Nazeev hand Kie Pear a “special” potion of healing and tells him to give it to his brother when he needs it.

The Cobblers meet behind the palace where they find a large pit. After some words of encouragement by Sultan Abdullah they step onto a wooden platform and lowered below.

Onee at the bottom they find themselves dodging, diving, and ducking their way past several traps through three long corridors that ends at a room with seemingly barred by two gigantic stone doors, doors that had an inscription across it that said “The Mind.”

Several attempts later and seemingly guessing the doors secret code to open it (open sesame) they enter into find a room with two stone statues, one of a flaming horse and one of a Slaadi. Out from the shadows a sphinx appears which they mistaken for a griffon. The sphinx ask them three riddles and surprisingly they were able to figure them out. The sphinx allowed them access to the second level of the Trial.

The second level had the group teleport from room to room finding murals with writing written in Elvish. Unfortunately none of them could read Elvish… until they came across a “tomb raider” a red headed human bard by the name of Nella who was searching for an musical instrument of legend. With the help of Nella, the group was able to decipher the murals code on an ancient piano which opened up to another level below.

The party found themselves within a burial chamber and face to face with a mummy, the grandfather of Prince Tarkeen. The mummy spoke telling them not to be afraid of death and attacked, summoning zombies to join in.

A battle raged between The Cobblers and the undead relatives of Prince Tarkeen. Pheleia took the brunt of the damage, even being put under a curse, but in the end the party prevailed. It was by a thunderous wave of magical energy by Nella the Bard that the party finally won.

As the party exited the room by finding a switch within one of the sarcophagi, Kie Pear revealed the treachery of Prince Nazeev to Tarkeen. Tarkeen took the potion meant for him and stormed out of the tomb.

Above ground, Tarkeen had some words with his brother which lead to his arrest and being sent to “the pits.” Sultan Abdullah thanked the party and offered each of them a “Sultans Wish.” Leana was given the freedom of her sister, Pheleia was given choice of Sultan’s finest guards, Nella a handmade instrument. Kie pear decided to think about what his request would be. As this matter was settled the party headed back to the castle to prepare for the final trial of the Sultan… a wedding.

Session 8: The Jewel of The Desert

Session 8: The Jewel of the Desert 11/21/15

The cobblers meet with Arden the Minotuar Warden of Blackwell Prison, as well as an old wizard and a living suit of armor. The warden asks for the prisoner but things don’t go as planned and a fight erupts. Luckily Kie-Pear is able to calm everyone down before anyone gets seriously hurt. The warden grabs the prisoner and tosses him into the living armor and the group walk away, but not before the warden completely smashes their barrels of water.

The group try to fix their loses and Nanisar finds a note from Eoden to Elron that talks about trying to be released soon.

The party head back to the oasis outside the mountains of Blackwell Prison and decide to stock up on water. Leana tries her scarab from Prince Tarkeen and a faint red beam leads them Northward. The decide to follow the beam as best as they can until it takes them to a canyon. At the canyon they come across a family of herders that know where this “Jewel of the Desert” is and in the morning lead them to an entrance with two statues of a cat with wings. The cats eyes open and focus its gaze to the scarab in Leana’s hands. A cave opens up before them and they proceed inside.

Beyond the walkway stands the City of Al-Mammoun within the shadow of a great crater. A palace can barely be seen on the far side of the city. As the proceed through the city, the old man herder shows them the sights and sounds finally leading them to the palace.

At the palace, the guards let them in at the sight of the golden scarab and they are seating at a lavish party.

As the party is underway a servant rushes towards Leana and it revealed to be her sister Janelle. Before a guard can beat her from going out of place, Tarkeen appears and stops the guard.

Tarkeen explains that the party is in hour of the Sultans Trials he is to participate in. He explains the Trials are in three parts. First, hunt down 3 beast. Second, The Sultan’s Dungeon, a trial to test his mind, and lastly a wedding.

Tarkeen professes his love to Pheleia and the people in the party are speechless. The Sultan questions Tarkeens decision but Tarkeen is steadfast even calling Pheleia “ya kamar.”

While the party is underway Leana ask her sister the whereabouts of the rest of her family. Janelle knows that they were all separated and it was Leana’s childhood friend Oriel who sold them off. Her only clue is to a halfling who runs the Slavers Bay within the city, Olan Halftrick.

Meanwhile, Kie Pear approaches Tarkeens older brother and learns that not all is well. The older brother expresses his distaste for the younger getting the throne and ask Kie Pear to sabotage Tarkeens progress the next day.

As the party ends the group is ushered to their sleeping quarters where they are given a lavish bath that soothes and energizes them for the next day.

Session 7: Desert Dwellers

After a week of rest within the walls of Othalion Kingdom, the Cobblers receive a message from Governor Aoth to return to Myant for a surprise.

With caution they return to Myant via a teleportation sigil and find themselves in the old study room of Archmage Pycell. As they exit the room they are greeted by shouts of joy and applause. As they exit the Spire they see that the whole city is cheering them. A carriage pulls up and the driver tells them that the celebration is for them.

They are driven throughout the town ending at the newly renovated summer home of the Zarafel family. Govenor Aoth is there to greet them and explains that this celebration (as well as the house) is for them and their accomplishments. As the day ends, Nanisar, Kie Pear, and Leana stock up on supplies at Gilmore Goods.

The next day, The Cobblers head to the Governor’s Mansion where they meet Commander Stormcloak loading up a prisoner
Into a cart. Their mission is to deliver the prisoner to Blackwell Prison. They are told that the prisoner is a liar and a murderer and not to be trusted.

On their way to Blackwell Prison they stop by Erford village to stock up on water and supplies. There they meet a desert dweller by the name of Tarkeen. He tells them he knows the way to the prison and that he is tracking a monster, a bulette, that is terrorizing the route to the nearest Oasis. The group decide to take him on his offer for passage, but Leana doesn’t seem to like him.

Half way to their destination they stop to rest for a night. Tarkeen and Pheleia take a shift guarding as does Leana. During the night the prisoner begs for his release and introduces himself as Prince Eoden Zarafel IV. He tells them of his imprisonment and the murder of his family. The party tells him that they were the ones that foiled his attempts to gain back his throne and that he should forget about his past. Eoden instantly goes mad at the thought and tries in vain to grab at them. Tarkeen and Pheleia return and Tarkeen tells them they must leave for the beast is near.

A few hours into dawn the party lay a trap for the bulette and after waiting for a while the monster arrives. They do quick work of the beast with Pheleia skewering it with her lance and Kie Pear finishing it off with an flying uppercut. They hack the beast up for parts and trophies.

When they finally make it to the Oasis, they are greeted by three men who instantly take a knee. They learn that Tarkeen is actually a prince roaming the lands to “understand his people.” He gives Leana a golden Scarab and tells her it will lead them to his homeland, “by the light of the setting sun.”

After restocking supplies, the party arrive at an opening of a mountain where they see approaching them, an old man, someone in a suit of plate armor, and a minotaur.

Session 6: The Swamp Things

The Cobblers reconvene at Othalion Castle. There they meet fellow adventurers for their journey into the Swamp.

A Dragonborn Monk by the name of Bellarus and a Dwarven Rouge named Leana.

The party make it to the edge of the wood and meet again with Djinn and her dire wolves. Djinn leads them to where the swamp and forest meet and leaves them. The party cautiously head into the misty swamp.

Within the swamp they find a half eaten body but the marks do not resemble that of a slaadi according to Kie-Pear. As they tredge through they are attacked by a giant crocodile who drags Pheleia deeper into the swamp. Pheleia in her Barbarian rage escapes the jaws of the crocodile and the two monks as well as the Dwarf make short work of the beast.

After Kie-Pear finishes skinning the croc, the party head deeper into the swamp eventually finding a cave with amphibious footprints around.

Inside the cave they encounter what appear to be an incubation chamber filled with the still living, lost soldiers of Othalion. Kie Pear cannot stomach the sight so Nanisar and Pheleia proceed to end the soldiers lives killing the slaadi tadpoles in the process.

As they venture deeper into the caves they meet the source of the evil, a Night Hag by the name of Hagmar. She proposes a deal with them: she will leave in exchange for a piece of hair or skin from each of the members. As the bargaining goes back and forth, Leana attempts to assassinate the Hag but it is ineffective. In her fury, Hagmar vanishes but not before sending her pet after them.

From out the shadows a lumbering blue Slaadi attacks the party. Its wounds seem to magically heal and in the fight the Dragonborn monk falls prey to its disease. The battle is long and fierce, but the party finally manage to destroy the creature. They chop off an arm of the slaadi and take the sickly dragonborn with them back to the Sacred Tree. As they exit the cave they notice that the mist surrounding the swamp is lifted and they take it as a sign that the evil is has left.

When they make it to the Sacred Tree they spend the night under its shade as the tree takes the sickly dragonborn beneath its roots to heal her of her disease. In the morning all is well and they again head back to Othalion Castle.

Back at the Castle, the group reports of destroying the Slaadi threat as well as the hag. The king thanks them for their efforts and rewards them with a chest of gold and jewels.

Session 5: Night Terrors

Nanisar and Kie-Pear head towards the farmlands and meet up with Farmer Ronalds son, Donald who is keeping watch over the lame sheep. Kie-Pear decides to take watch near the top of the grassy hills while Nanisar watches the pens along with Donald.

After her drunken reverie, Phelaia awakes in an alley and makes her way towards the farmlands, seeing flames aglow as she approaches. What she sees is Nanisar in his boredom juggling fireballs. As a trick, she uses thaumaturgy to change the flames color and size.

As the party is distracted by their own antics, they see too late as three direwolves alongside a small child with green hair swoop in from the dense forest and steal two lamb.

The party gives chase and they soon find themselves deep in the forest, almost getting into a fight with the lamb thieves. Cooler heads prevail and the young child now known to be a Druid by the name of Djinn lead them deeper into the woods.

After about an hour of silent travel they come into a clearing with a massive tree in the center. The tree is wrapped in ironlike chains. Djinn introduces the party to the Life Tree. The Tree acknowledges the party and explains to them that an evil is spreading from the swamps to the East and if it is not destroyed the evil will consume the forest as well as the land. The Tree then instructs Djinn to bring out the soldier from beneath its roots. Djinn goes down into a small opening below the tree and comes out dragging a sickly Othelion soldier.

At first glance of the soldier, Kie-Pear starts to have horrific visions of his past and beings to shake and wretch in fear. Nanisar tries to heal the soldier but he only coughs up the exclaims, “it burns” as he reaches for his chest. Suddenly, the soldier lets out a deathly scream as a tadpole like creature burst out of his chest, killing him instantly.

Nanisar and Phelaia make quick work of the creature, burning and slicing it in two.

Kie-Pear tells the party that more people will be needed for this situation and protest in continuing further. Nanisar makes a deal with the Druid to return again the following night with food and the means to destroy the evil.

As morning approaches, they make it back to the farm lands for a quick breakfast and a short rest, but Kie-Pear is wrought with night terrors. After resting they go to seek council with King Othelion and explain the situation.

Kie-Pear explains that he has encounter these creatures before and tells of his horrific ordeal with them. King Othelion calls Priestess Alana to join them. He also sends out a call to any and all who will brave the swamps in order to rid the land of this evil.

Session 4: Sorcery at Sea

Kie-pear, Nanisar, and Pheleia, awake to hear they are summoned by Govenor Aoth. Nanisar and Pheleia go to the meeting while Kie-pear decides to observe the soldiers as they train.

Naniar and Pheleia receive a mission to accompany Archmage Pycell to the Village of Eliond up north in the Othelion Kingdom. They are also given a letter of intent and safe passage between Othelion Kingdom and Zarafel Kingdom. They are told to find Archmage Pycell at the Lyceum in the Temple District.

At the same time, Kie-Pear is observing a pit fighting training between the soldier. Commander Stormcloak calls him out to fight. Words are exchanged and in the end Kie-pear is forced into a match. The commander leaves the monk battered and bruised.

After a few hours, the party heads towards the Lyceum where they meet up with Kajiit as he is practicing spells. Pycell tales with the group a bit and hands Kajiit a spell focus, A gold medalion with a picture of a dragon printed on it. They decide to take a ship up North and hop aboard The Sovereign.

During the voyage, Kie-pear spies a caravan across the sandy coast of the desert. He learns from Captain Picard that they are slave dealers. He also has a one on one session with Archmage Pycell and learns that the Archmage is fleeing for his life. The reasons of which still allude Kie-Pear.

A week has passed at sea and the group find themselves in severe storm. To make matters worse, a band of pirates led by the half orc Krusk Seabane and his Griffon attack the ship. A fierce battle rages while the ship and its passengers battle both for and nature itself. The pirates are overwhelmed by savage attacks from Pheleia and her Greataxe as well as the arcanic powers of Nanisar and Kerjiit. The monk Kie-Pear and his flurry of blows does short work as well.

The day after the battle, Archmage Pycell imparts his wisdom to Kerjiit and teaches him the counterspell.

Before they reach land, Kie-pear talks with the group and shares with them what information he found on the would be assassins. Everyone agrees that they must keep their wits about them.

On land, Archmage Pycell thanks them for their help and gives the party a rune of teleportation. At Othelion Castle they are well received by King Othelion and are subsequently given a mission to find out what is attacking the livestock of the farmers East of the Castle as well as the whereabouts of soldiers that were previously sent to investigate the matter. They know it is possibly beast or wolves and a child among the attackers.

During that time, Kie-pear follows Archmage Pycell and greets him farewell as he takes a portal to the town of Eliond north of Othelion Castle.

Nanisar heads to the local library and learns what he can about the Zarafel Kingdom and the name Elron. He learns that King Eoden and his generation go back 4 generations and that there is a family named of Elron who are drows that fought in the Blood Wars of the Underdark. He does not seem to find a connection between the names.

Kerjiit and Pheleia go east to the farming areas to talk to the lead farmer about the happenings. They learn that the attacks on the livestock happen at night and only the edge of the farms are attacked. They tell the lead farmer to keep the best livestock closeby and the more “spotted” livestock on the edges. They decide to return in another night.

The party meet up again at a tavern where Kerjiit and Pheleia get “drunk” and kicked out for fighting. As they sober up, the party decided to look for a cheap place to stay while Kie-pear and Nanisar head to the farming areas to set up a plan to catch the livestock attackers.

Session 3: Prison and a Break

Kie-pear, Nanisar, Phelaia, and Kajiit find themselves arrested and thrown into the dungeons below the governor’s mansion. They are each interrogated by Commander Vurst Stormcloak about their actions and about the Rod of Rulership. They are found to be guilty of thievery and violent acts and sentenced to be executed.

The day of the execution, they are pardoned by Governor Aoth Arizma and sent on a mission to rid a forest of a band of lizardfolk or die trying. Before departing on the mission, they spend some time finishing a delivery for Gilmore.

Late afternoon they arrive at the forest where they find a small cave… the lair of the lizardfolk. Once inside they witness a ritual happening by three lizardfolk and a lizard shaman. The adventurer decide to disrupt the ritual and combat ensues. Phelaia falls unconscious, but the party is victorious. Kie-pear skins one of the lizardfolk of its feet and beheads another to show proof of their kills.

Once back at town, they are acknowledged by Commander Stormcloak of their skills and given a room to rest.

The next day, Commander Stormcloak tells them they are to be hidden guards at the Governors Mansion for the celebration of the founding of Myant. They decide to ready themselves for the party by visiting Gilmore’s Goods as well as other shops.

The night of the party as Govenor Aoth makes his speech, he is attacked by assassins. The party along with the guards easily dispatch the assassins. Kie-pear finds a note in one of the assassins belongings and proceeds to bring the assassin to the dungeon cells.

Nanisar and Phelaia meet with a recovering Governor Aoth who thanks them for their efforts and ask them to work for them. “I will not take no for an answer,” he says. They agree to work under him then leave him to rest.

Meanwhile, Kie-Pear interrogates the prisoner. She tells him she was ordered by Elron, a drow who works for Eoden, to assassinate Aoth, Archmage Pycell, and Commander Stormcloak. With her mission a failure she request that she be killed. Kie-pear can only oblige with the request and snaps her neck.

Session 2: Special Delivery
A New Challenger Arrives

Kie-pear, Peilaia, and Nanisar decide to run back to the museum to inform Vanessa and Valdrak of the relic. They learn the history of The Zeofel Kingdom that King Eoden died of an illness and his son committed suicide. They also learn that Aoth Arizma became governor of Myant in the wake of the King’s death. They showed the note found from the werehouse to the museum curators, but they could not figure things out. Instead they told them to leave the city unless the theives came back. Vanessa told them to keep the rod, and paid them for their services.

After visiting the museum the adventurers paid a visit to Gilmore’s Glorious Goods where they met Seline and also Sean Gilmore. Prices were a bit stiff for the adventurer, but on promise to deliver some goods from the harbor, Gilmore said he would possibly give them some discount on top of the 10% of the grand opening.

They decided to get some rest at Mary’s Inn. Peilaia and Nanisar tried to stir the rod of rulership (which they learned from Gilmore was a legendary artifact) but nothing happened.

In the morning, they met up with a Dragonborn Warlock who had a penchant for flirting as well as thieving. Together they set about to retrieve the good at the harbor for Gilmore, but were attacked by the thieves from the warehouse. It was a hard fought battle with both the dragonborn and the tiefling becoming unconscious (the dragonborn being saved by Nanisar). In the end, they defeated the thieves but immediately arrested by the city guards lead by Vurst Stormcloak.


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