The Cobblers

Session 31: Revelations

In the morning, Phelaia and Nella escort Alcoril to meet with the Lords of Brapool again. The others decide to find clues about Konowa’s past by visiting his uncle’s house.

When Phelaia and Nella make it to the tower of Lords, they find Lt. Thomas. He accused them of posing as merchants, of bring fiends into the city, and collaborating with a known rebel, Lionel. Donova seems to read their minds, and Phelaia is compelled to speak the truth. She tells Donovan that Elathar (Konowa) still lives and that he is in the city. They are promptly jailed. While jailed they entice the elven soldiers with “foreign beauty” and unionization.

The other half of the party make their way to Donovan’s house, finding only spectral servants taking care of the house. As they search the study for clues, they find an old letter by Konowa to Donovan explaining the attempt on his life during the Moon Festival. They quickly make their escape as Donovan and some soldier near the house.

As they escape Konowa has a vision of a house with a garden, but does not act upon it. The group heads to a library where they find information about Konowa’s clan as well as the Moon Festival. They comfirm what all ready know, but also learn that Konowa’s father was sent into the Shadowfell. Before they leave, the librarian gives them the address to Konowa’s house.

After the library, they go to the house Konowa see in his vision and they find out it is the home of Konowa’s ex fiance, Arowen. They question her if they know anything about Konowa’s father, but before she could answer she leaves to attend to a crying child inside the house.

The group decide to visit Konowa’s house where they find a hidden room filled with blueprints, a weapon of some sort and an old journal written by Konowa.

Session 30: Welcome Home

After making work of the raptors, the party figures out what to do. Lionel spoke of there being a bridge around. Kie-Pear finds the bridge enters. The group follows.

Lt. Thomas questions their abilities. The party decides to disguise themselves before entering Brapool. They take up camp and the Half Elf Alcoril stays up writing what he will say to the Lords of Brapool. He tells some of the group about The War and Rite of the Third and his hope that the elves will help.

Once they make it to the city they are “greeted” by a platoon of soldiers who takes them to the very center of the city where stands a large tower. Lt. Thomas and Alcoril go in first to talk to the Lords. As they leave, Alcoril does not seem to confident but still he is hopeful. As the Cobblers enter, they are greeted by 8 elves, the Lords of Brapool. They tell the elves they are here on merchant business and they are given a stall to use the next day. They also tell the elves they have an artifact they need to deliver to the vaults, which they do without any trouble.

The group are then escorted to a hovel owned by an elder elf and run by one of Leana’s sisters, Kittya. Kittya explains that Janelle was also here in town.

In the middle of the night, Janelle knocks on Leana’s door. She ask that they talk in private. She leads Leana up to the rooftop of the hovel and there transforms into a Rakshasa. The party quickly realize what is going on and make short work of the fiend, with Konowa dealing the killing blow. 3 elves dressed in black also appear, but can’t figure out what they were doing in the place.

Leana quickly runs to her sisters room to see if she is okay. She is.

Session 29: Strange Lands

In the Morning as the party prepare to travel to Brapool. They stop by a local shop to buy merchant clothing for disguises. Before they leave they run into Kaheel and Pia who give each of them a ring.

Kaheel pulls Nella aside and gives her another gift: A red and gold flute, blessed by the godess Súne.

Kaheel also gives them a mission from Fontaine. An illithid south of Brapool needs to be taken care of. It’s head is required for completion of the job.

While they are travelling via magic carpet, the party is attacked by a giant pterodactyl and escape by diving below the jungle canopy.

After two days of travel, they meet Lt Thomas and Alcoril who were part emissary group that was headed to Brapool by way of Grizmont. They told the Cobblers that they were attacked by “giant reptiles” and were the only survivors. They all decide to travel together.

After another few days of traveling through the dense jungle the party finally make it to the waters edge of the gigantic lake that surrounds the city of Brapool. As they look around and find no way to cross, they are suddenly attacked by a pack of raptors.

Leana, Kie-Pear, Kerjidt, and Alcoril hop aboard one of the flying carpets in an effort to fly quickly to the city, but smash into an invisible force field. The rest of the group, including Lt. Thomas and Lionel defend themselves from the raptors attacks, easily victorious.

Session 28: Sleeping Cats

Returning back to the Howl’s Den, the Cobblers set to resurrect the fallen Leana. The ritual is taxing but Pia along with Phelaia, Nella, and Kie-pear are able to put their energies together to bring Leana’s soul back.

During the week, Kie-pear is able to fasten the behir glands together to make a makeshift lightning explosive, Nella takes up studying the ways of the Blood Hunters.

As the week passes, Fountaine gets the group to meet with Lord Briarrose who tells them that it was a false cleric named Celina Hagmar who used the city as her experiment. If they were to find her they were to show her “no mercy.”

They were given an escort mission to take supplies to Dimrock. As they travel they meet an elven couple who had broken carriage. Konowa notices the woman carrying a fan similar to his. Kie-pear also notices they are being following within the tree line. The couple ask to join their group as they travel.

As the make it to Dimrock, they see giant ships in the harbor being built for the war effort. They go to the harbor to meet with Harbormaster Dudley who pays them two gold bars (500 gp a bar) each for their services. The group then goes to a local bar called The Chalice where they see Vanessa and Valdeer (former caretakers of the museum of Myant) running the place. As they are there Konowa meets another Elf named Lionel who tells him he is his best friend.

Lionel goes on to tell Elathar (Konowa) about a failed assassination attempt to Donovan, Konowa’s uncle. Still lost, Konowa ask for more time in figuring things out so Lionel gives him an address to a hideout with a password “the panther never sleeps.” Konowa also learns that the panther he has is also his younger sister.

Konowa along with the others decide to go to the hideout and find it full of elves. A small rebel group loyal to Konowas cause. After a few words the group decides it best to go to Brapool immediately.

Session 27: Tick Tock

After escaping from the catacombs, the Cobblers find themselves surrounded by some of the town soldiers. They are able to convince the soldiers that they are “secret agents” on a mission. Garrus is nowhere to be found.

After meeting back up with Kerjiit, the team decide to go to the clock tower palace to see if they find finally destroy the threat to the city. There they find Lord Briarrose and he tells them the clock tower is 10 stories up. They also find him to be acting quite strange. After making the trek up and convincing the guards to unionize and take their break, they find the clock tower but nothing there except a desk and a journal with notes from Lord Briarrose about the death of his son.

As they exit the room, they find Lord Briarrose standing there asking if they found the clocktower sufficient. They say the clock tower is fixed and quickly head down stairs. As they are about to leave Lord Briarrose is yet again their to greet them. Kerjiit attacks with a well placed flame spell and it turns into a mud monster. The give chase and the monster leads them below the palace. Another entrance to the flesh like catacombs. Twisting and turning the catacombs lead them into a giant hatchery where they do battle with a slug like creature with scythes for claws.

The battle is fierce and Leana is succumbs to her injuries. The party decides it is time to flee and cover the hatchery in oil and black power.

The explosion rocks the entire palace bringing it to ruin, but The Cobblers manage to escape.

Session 26: Finding The Hive

The Dragon introduced himself as Orion and he was the elf in the forrest. He merely wanted to test them—they passed.

The Cobblers told him about their need for some adamantium and Orion produces as giant meteor made out of Adamantium. He ask the Cobblers to tell him a story each. Their goals, their dreams. The Cobblers find out that Orion is probably just a lonely type.

Orion then ask them to fight him, to “test their muscle.” The fight is fierce, but with some well placed headshots they manage to have Orion surrender. The party takes a long rest while Leana decides to make a bargain with the Dragon: If we survive the war in the east, give us a quarter of your gold.


Coming back down the mountain, the party see a party of Orcs in the forrest and one in particular with wings. They decide not to interfere.

Coming back to the Wolves Den, they show Fontaine the adamantium. He and Leana decide to start melting the metal for plating their weapons. Before that happens, they are sent off to two missions.

Secure Soldier clothing to easily influtrate the city.
Find Marco’s missing arm and pack.

Konowa and Leana decide to sneak into a nearby barracks within the city and cause a distraction while picking locks.

Phelaia, Garrus, and Nella go to a toy store in the city and find Marcos arm as well as a sample of the mud men in a glass vial. Not all goes well as Garrus is almost arrested. Well placed nut shots take care of trouble.

A week passes the weapons are ready, as well as the makeshift mud men compass. The figure out there are 3 places of interest: The city grave yard, a tavern cellar, and the clocktower of the city. Garrus tells them the clock tower also acts the Lord Lycuis and Lady Gwenlyn Bairerose abode. They decide to go to the graveyard.

The compass point them to a masoleum and with the help of a local gravekeeper they enter. They find the walls are flesh like see find some citizens trapped within egg like pods. Leana decides to free as many people as she can while Konowa explores deeper and decides to lay black power all over. He find another chamber filled with 5 foot eggs and puts more blackpower around.

Konowa then discovers a mud creature and a battle commences. They quickly defeat the creature then decide before more come to destroy the place. Leana is hesitant and wants to save more people, but everyone decided that for the greater good, colladeral damage must happen.

They escape, saving 14 townsfolk, while the moseleum massively explodes.

Session 25: Adamantium

After coming into the Wolves Den the Cobblers are greeted by three halflings, Melody, Tiku, and Marco. They also see Garrus training two werewolves. They find out the wolves are Celeste and Kaheel.

Sir Jonathan Fontaine tells the group he was trailing the mud creatures trying to find out where they are based from. He also tells them one of Leana’s twin brother has gotten captured by a creature so he has a responsibility to find him again. His plan is two fold: 1) Harvest a vein of adamantium to make the only weapons that hurt these creatures. 2) Find where these creatures reside and rescued the twin brother.

The group decides to find the adamantium and they leave in the evening (only after finding out that Garrus is bi and cleaning up the closets). On top of their flying carpets, the travel to the Clocktower district to the entrance of the cave that travels into the mountain. As the group travels, Kie-pear and Konowa hear someone shouting for help. As they investigate the find a man trapped under a tree branch. The help free him and the man shows them to his small cottage. The man tells them that at the top of the mountain a dragon lives but it may just be rumor. As they leave the cottage instantly turns into an abandoned one. Creepiness ensues.

As they comtinue onward, Garrus is attacked by a gigantic, blue salamander like creature that breathes electricity. They dispatch the creature quickly and head further into the mountain. The weather becomes harsher and harsher until they find themselves un a beautiful clearing with a crystal blue lake and a massive waterfall.

As they enter the waterfall the find the man who Kie Pear and Konowa saved as well as a massive horde of treaure. Leana rushes forward into the treature, when all of a sudden a gigantic golden dragon catches her in his palms.

Session 24: A War is Brewing

We leave off with the Cobblers shopping at the Bazaar in the city of Myant. Phelaia goes to meet with Prince Tarkeen and he ask her to return to the palace with him. She tell him, “Can you give me a day to think about it?” He agrees.

Elsewhere some of the party meet an eccentric shop owner who tries to sell them a flying carpet. They also meet two other children who seem to be urchins from the city of Al-Mammoun looking for food. Leana takes them in.

Heading home, they hear word of war happening The Waste, a frozen land in the East of Faenirim. Some of their personal goals (Kerjiit seeing his brother via his crystal ball, Leana wanting to visit other places to look for her family, a visit to Barpool to deliver the cube to a safe vault) take them in that direction and after much deliberation they decide to head to Destone first to meet with John Fontaine and the Wolves Bane.

They acquire two magic carpets from the eccentric shop owner (due in part to Kerjiits haggling skills) and travel a week across desert and mountain.

When they arrive to Destone they find part of the city empty. They stop by a tavern to ask for directions. The barkeep they meet acts very strangely around them, but they pay it no mind. After a while an old man walks into the bar and makes a little small talk then leaves a silver sword on the table. He approaches the barkeep and slices his head off revealing a mud golem type creature.

The battle is fierce and no weapon seems to be doing any damage to it with the exception of the silvered sword and fire. Someone has the idea of throwing black powder on the creature and setting it ablaze.

Grabbing the old man, the party barely escape before the bar explodes with the creature still inside.

The old man leads them into what seems like an abandoned bar and introduces himself, “Illiyanna was right about you, but where are my manners. Sir John Fontaine of the Howls Bane. Welcome to Destone.”

Session 23: Pit Stop

After making it back home to Myant, The Cobblers decide to do some shopping at Gilmores.

After picking up supplies, the head back home to a find someone has been upgrading the keep as well as a troubled Jeeves who complains about Phelaias pet roper. Going into the basement the find that a bunker has been added as well as a passage that leads out into the docks of Myant.

They find Phelaia’s pet roper not as crazed as Jeeves made it out to be but very affectionate.

Leana finds her sister Janelle was the one who made upgrades to the keep and aftrr a lengthy argument Janelle decides to leave for parts unknown.

Im the morning, Konowa and Kie-Pear visit Govenor Aoth to propose building a zoo.

Session 22: Welcome to The Club

Back in town The Cobblers head towards the consortium to collect their reward for destroying the Necromancers Hideout. On the way, they meet up with Garrus and Soren of The Howl’s Bane. The Howl’s Bane tell them that Illiyanna Doren, Master of Housing for the city of Eliond, desires to meet with them.

During the meeting, Illiyanna ask if they would be interesting in joining the howl’s bane, a underground guild whose purpose is to destroy monstrosities and abominations of the world. Illiyanna tells them of the history of the Bane and tells them they would be welcomed in their number. The work is dangerous but the rewards are great.

They also learn the Howl’s Bane recruits those touched by curses and evil so that they may battle the darkness themselves.

The Cobblers agree and are at once given a mission to question Kurtis, one of the members of the consortium, about the lycan attacks in the city.

Once they leave Illiyanna’s they head towards the Consortium who pays them 10,000 gold pieces for their job.

They also do a little shopping in the city for potions and arrows.

As night falls they head towards the city Library, screwing up a sneaking mission and knocking out Kurtis who turns into what they believe is a weretiger. They tie it up and take it back to Illiyanna. When Illiyanna sees what they return with she immediately wants it killed which Leana coplies with. The creature turns into ash as Illiyanna tells them it was a Rakshasa.


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