The Cobblers

Session 35 and 36: Blood Hunters Request

A week and a half has passed since the Rebel Lords of Brapool have been taken care of. Preparations are underway for a massive offensive in the north. The Elven military are readying troops. Lord Donovan requested the use of Konowas plan for his rifle to use in the war, Leana has taken back custody of her sister Kittya, while Nella has been faithfully reading her book on Blood Hunter lore and tactics.

Lord Estennor requested a “simple mission” of recovering two artifacts that were stolen from him by a wayward apprentice, his magical staff and a ruby warhammer. He tells the cobbers that he went south of Brapool into the jungles, possibily to the site of an old ruin.

As the Cobblers follow the clues, the fall upon a party of brightly colored frogs one carrying a large staff and another carrying a ruby encrusted warhammer. A battle goes down after frog negotiations fail and the group is able to gain back the items.

After searching the area, they find pieces of Lord Estennors apprentice. They then continue towards the ruins.

After days of heavy rains, the party finds the ruins in a muddy ravine. They also see a giant stone statue with a plaque that reads " Grokoud Emberhelm: 1st Lietenant of the Ironblood house." They find the entrance and after a bit of a stuggle, they are able to open it.

The also find themselves trapped in the ruins when a mud slide covers up the entrance.

Entering the ruins they find themselves in a dining area where they are attacked by several walking brains. After they make quick work of these creatures, they find a secret passage beneath the throne. After a ways of travel they come to a large chasm with only a rope bridge across the span. As Kie Pear walks ahead, he is instantly pulled upwards along with Nella and Leana. The rest realize there is some sort of gravitational pull while the ones who floated up find themselves amongst a sea of undead.

Kie Pear is able to make it to the otherside and sees a foundtain with the water floating upwards. Upon closer inspection, he sees a small green gem where the water touches. He pulls it out of the ceiling and hears loud crashes behind him. The undead fall violently to the bottom of the chasm while Leana and Nella hold on to the side of the wall. Everyone is able to make it to safety.

After passing a trapped stairway, the Cobblers find themselves in a burial chamber of sorts with nine brazier’s. And a couple flaming skulls. Explosions and mayhem occur, but they are able to defeat the skulls and figure out which braziers to light that opens the solid iron door ahead of them.

Beyond the door they find a large purple glowing lake and in the center of the lake a dwarven keep, engulfed ina pinkish membrane. Even more bizarre is what appears to be a large pyramid with the keep, not of dwarven design.



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