The Cobblers

Session 33: Saving A Minx

The group, along with Donovan finally meet up together and after escaping a few rebel members, make their way to Donovans study at the tower. There they talk about what will happen during the assassination attempt and who will be kidnapped. The group decides to see about saving Ballineth, The Lord of Transmutation. Donovan will be secretly escorted with the rest of The Cobblers (Kie-Pear, Leana, Kerjidt). He explains his daily routine which includes paper work in his office, a pint or two at the local bar (The Yawning Yan-ti), and a stroll outside the city gates for meditation on the shore.

Leana quickly makes a disguise for Phelaia, Nella, and Konowa before they board a one of the Brapool’s “chicken walkers” as Konowa named them.

About 45 minutes pass until they get to Ballineth’s house and they find it in shambles. As they enter the house they hear fighting in the backyard. They come just in time to see Alcoril pleading with six rogue like figures dressed in dark leathers and plain white mask to not capture the white and purple striped minx.

CupALRiUsAAcnZH.jpg Ballineth in Mid Transformation

A battle ensues, Konowa gets to try his new rifle and the party learns the rogues/rebels are good with magics. They make quick work of four of them while two escape. After the fight, The Cobblers ask what Alcoril was doing back in the city. He tells them he didnt approve of Lt. Thomas’ methods of getting help for the war and watch to apologuise to The Cobblers while getting them (Nella and Phelaia) out of prison.



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