The Cobblers

Session 32: Tyranny

The Coup Begins

Leana and Kie-Pear decide to leave Konowa, Kerjid, and Lemure the Puma, to go item shopping. The two make it to a tent that look a lot like a wizards hat, meeting the creepy owner, Cirric. He doesnt work with money but with trades. He is willing to give them the items they seek (2 boots of haste and a sword called the Nine Lives Steeler) for what seems like favors that involve story telling, ropes, and chains. Phelaia is sold out for this favor and Leana says she’ll bring the stories. Kie-pear is totally creeped out.

At the same time, Konowa and Kerjidt work on the weapon that Konowa seems to have made in his past. Kerjidt figures out that the crystal at the top of this weapon can seem to hold an elemental charge and fired back. As they continue working Donovan appears in the house and three go into hiding.

Donovan makes it down stairs to the lab and Konowa surprises him. They talk about Konowa’s past, the reason he is here, and of the rebels. Konowa ask for his memory to be restored and it confirms everything they know and also that it was Konowa himself that asked for his memory to be altered and his sister turned into a puma. He also remembers now how to fix his new rifle aptly named, Tyranny. Konowa decides that they should free Nella and Phelaia. They run into Leana and Kie-pear who return from shopping and all head off together.

While in jail, Nella and Phelaia escape with the help of Lionel who was also imprisioned. They make their escape by enticing an imprisoned raptor with two freshly dead bodies that Lionel killed in his own escape. The creature agrees. And the party gather their belongings in storage and make their exit via the swear system.

Nella and Phelaia follow Lionel go to a secret meeting of rebels where they see 3 of the Lords of Brapool. One of the three, an older elf named Zinsalor gives the command for one group of rebels to assassinate Donovan while the other group kidnaps two Lords of Brapool, namely Ballineth Evanara and Estennor Silveroak.

The rebels disperse, Lionel taking part in the assassination attempt. Nella and Phelaia join as well.

At the safehouse, preparations are being made and Nella questions Lionel about Konowa saying, “he might not want this to happen.” Lionel gets angry saying, “of course he would! Why wouldnt he want to save his father?” An arguement happens but Nella defuses the situation by saying she and Phelaia will go talk to Konowa, who was last seen with Donovan and the rest of the party. Lionel agreed and lets them go.



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