The Cobblers

Session 31: Revelations

In the morning, Phelaia and Nella escort Alcoril to meet with the Lords of Brapool again. The others decide to find clues about Konowa’s past by visiting his uncle’s house.

When Phelaia and Nella make it to the tower of Lords, they find Lt. Thomas. He accused them of posing as merchants, of bring fiends into the city, and collaborating with a known rebel, Lionel. Donova seems to read their minds, and Phelaia is compelled to speak the truth. She tells Donovan that Elathar (Konowa) still lives and that he is in the city. They are promptly jailed. While jailed they entice the elven soldiers with “foreign beauty” and unionization.

The other half of the party make their way to Donovan’s house, finding only spectral servants taking care of the house. As they search the study for clues, they find an old letter by Konowa to Donovan explaining the attempt on his life during the Moon Festival. They quickly make their escape as Donovan and some soldier near the house.

As they escape Konowa has a vision of a house with a garden, but does not act upon it. The group heads to a library where they find information about Konowa’s clan as well as the Moon Festival. They comfirm what all ready know, but also learn that Konowa’s father was sent into the Shadowfell. Before they leave, the librarian gives them the address to Konowa’s house.

After the library, they go to the house Konowa see in his vision and they find out it is the home of Konowa’s ex fiance, Arowen. They question her if they know anything about Konowa’s father, but before she could answer she leaves to attend to a crying child inside the house.

The group decide to visit Konowa’s house where they find a hidden room filled with blueprints, a weapon of some sort and an old journal written by Konowa.



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